5 Factors That Affect Car Shipping Costs

Here’s the situation – you need to transport your car from point A to point B, and you want to do it cheaply. You contact several car shipping companies and get quotes from them charging a certain price. Perhaps you’re curious about what factors determine the cost that you’ll need to pay, or you want to know exactly where your money will be going when you pay the car shipping company for their service. Well, be curious no longer, because we have listed 5 factors that car shipping companies consider when quoting you the price for transporting your car. Learn more about car shipping process, auto repairing and maintenance on this dedicated website: https://busdriverse.com/.

1. Fuel

The cost of fuel can have a big impact on how much a car shipping company will charge you, and this cost can go up or down depending on the price of fuel when you get your quote or make your booking. A semi-truck can usually only get about 5-7 miles per gallon when transporting a full contingent of cars, so the cost of fuel will be a large part of the price you will end up needing to pay.

2. Truck Payments

Before you have a car shipping company, you’re going to need a truck or two so you can ship those cars! A new truck or trailer can cost over £100,000 and car shipping companies often make monthly repayments on loans taken out to cover this cost. Therefore they usually charge their customers a small amount to cover these monthly repayments.

3. Truck Maintenance

As well as owning a truck, car shipping companies also need to pay to maintain it! Most trucks are driven over 100,000 miles a year and this can really affect the working parts of a truck. Maintenance of these working parts, such as oil changes, tune-ups and tire replacements, are constantly needed to keep these trucks in great driving condition. Because of this, some of your fee will go towards maintaining the trucks to ensure they are in perfect working order. If the car shipping company didn’t charge you for this, your car could be transported on an unsafe vehicle which could cause a lot of damage. Do not forget to visit this website https://carinsurancequotenw.info/ for useful information about auto repair and maintenance.

4. Insurance

Car shipping companies don’t only insure their vehicles, they insure their drivers as well. A driver as well as a vehicle needs to be covered when on the road. As well as this, car shipping companies are legally required to make sure their insurance policy covers the value of the vehicle they transport, so part of your charge will go towards paying for the insurance policy to ensure that they remain within the law.

5. Driver Pay and Benefits

Drivers require payment for their time, whether they are driving their own truck or are employees driving a company truck, and the car shipping company must legally charge them at least minimum wage. As well as this, the usual benefits also need to be paid to the drivers, such as healthcare and pension pay. Some of your charge will go towards paying the driver for all their time and effort.

Car shipping companies also often have other overhead expenses such as customer service, marketing, rent and more, but the bulk of the charge you pay will be going towards operating the car carriers themselves, as well as paying the drivers for their time. All of these costs go towards the ultimate price of shipping a car that is quoted, and can depend on distance, the time that will be taken, and how valuable or heavy your car is. For further details about automobiles, visit this dedicated website: https://carinsurersonline.net/.