5 Facebook Marketing Strategies

More than 800 million people use Facebook. Today, Facebook is not just a way to connect with friends and relatives. This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

The first step in Facebook marketing is to create a brand page for your business. Make sure your “wall” (the section in which you upload information) contains only relevant information, and be polite when responding or commenting on someone else’s post. Remember that whatever you post and send to cyberspace can last forever.

1. Facebook Ads

The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can customize your ads to appear in specific groups or groups of people. It is based on information in their profile or based on gender, location or personal preferences.

There are two main types of Facebook display ads.

An “impression-based” Facebook ad that treats your ad with an impression whenever it appears on a user’s screen. Companies that run various ad groups typically use the advertising method on Facebook.

The CPC or CPC will announce on Facebook that users will only be charged when they click on your ad. This is a great way to get started with Facebook marketing, because you can control how much you spend each day so you don’t spend too much on your budget.

2. Promotion

Promoted Posts is a sponsored story that appears on the news feeds of all your fans and is visible to their friends. Most people see it more than the average post, so when you choose to promote a post, make sure it has a strong and compelling message.

3. Facebook apps

There are many Facebook marketing tools and you can have up to twelve apps on your branding page. The first four apps will appear by default, the first is the Photos app, and you need to improve the apps you install and keep up to date with new offers or promotions. The image displayed in your appbox looks like a small ad, so make sure it displays your presentation properly.

4. Get a “Like Box” on your Facebook website

A simple Facebook marketing strategy to generate traffic to your Facebook page is to display it on your website or blog. Like Box makes it easy for visitors to leave your website and “buy facebook likes” for your page. You will then see your messages in your news feed on Facebook.

5. Use more photos

Photos on Facebook can generate 50% more likes than regular posts. Use photos, quotes, statistics, infographics or whatever you think will grab the attention of your target audience. Remember that most of your posts should include pictures!

When setting up an online business, even a mountain of obstacles can be seen – from understanding social media marketing to SEO optimization, from blogging to advertising with every click, to the right to sell. Searching for products, and the list goes on. .