5 Excel Spreadsheet Organization Tips for Work-From-Home Professionals

Did you know that MS office has over 1.2 billion users? If you are working from home currently, you are probably using versions of MS Word, Excel, or Powerpoint in your workday.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to make more efficient use of time. Can Excel help you to do this? Yes!

Why not look at five Excel spreadsheet organization tips that can help you to use your time more productively.

1. Charts and Graphs

Excel can help you to create amazing presentations and statistical charts. To make these charts particularly effective you can use Excel tools to link with other data sources.

Excel can connect to data on the web, other spreadsheets, and even to .net libraries and data sources as shown in this c# excel interop.

People retain images much more effectively than words. Creating full-color graphs can ensure that your data has as much impact as possible.

To create charts and graphs, use the tools on the ribbon to select the type you want to use. After this use the design layout and format tools to make them beautiful and effective.

2. Pivot Tables

Pivot tables allow you to read large amounts of data effortlessly and without needing to know complex formulas. This is one of the most powerful and most used features in Excel. 

To create a pivot table, got to your spreadsheet and select your data-range. You can then use Excel’s built-in automation to create the table. However, if you prefer you can manually create a table according to your bespoke wishes. 

3. Power View

Power View is a hidden tool that can give you amazing Excel powers. You will first need to switch it on in the Options section. After this, the Power View button will appear on your toolbar. 

You can take large datasets and create meaningful presentation-ready reports quickly and easily. These reports are interactive and help to convey statistics to those who may not know everything about a project. 

This is a flexible tool with many advantages. Why not try out its many features to see what it can do for you.


Now we get into the world of Excel formulas. Even knowledge of basic Excel formulas can improve your efficiency. VLookup is the best friend of anyone who frequently works with Excel data. 

VLookup allows you to reference cells in different parts of the workbook or even other workbooks. This data will then be displayed in the location you need it. You can then use this data in further formulas. The data is of course dynamic, this means that when the data source is updated, your use of the data will also adjust to match.

5. Index Match

Index Match is another Powerful tool that helps you to pull data from other data sources. 

While VLookup only works by looking at columns from left-to-right. Index Match is much more flexible. It is actually a combination of two commands. This means you have to ensure that you get both parts of the formula right.

However, this formula can help you to extract numbers from large amounts of data quickly and easily

Excel Spreadsheet organization Tips and Much More

Excel is useful in so many different situations. Learning just a few Excel spreadsheet organization tips can make the difference between fast, safe calculations or and inefficient use of time. 

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