5 Essential Steps to Building a Brand Story

The story of your brand is important. Flashy logos, high tech websites, and excellent social media content mean nothing if customers do not know and trust you. That all comes from your brand story.

A story must show who you are, what your vision is, and what makes you different. However, it can sometimes get lost or distorted when planning business strategies. Below, we discuss five ways you can begin building a brand story.

1. Unique Value Proposition

The unique value proposition is the description for customers that tells them what they can expect from you. It should also include your unique traits, and why they should select you over over companies in a similar niche. To build this, you need to conduct research.

Start by finding out who your customers actually are, based on age, gender, income, and other factors. Find out what they are looking for in a brand, and what problems they need solving or why they are there in the first place.

When you have this, you can begin to craft a mission statement aimed at them. It should tell people what you do, and why you have a competitive advantage over others in the field.

2. Building a Brand Story Strategy

The strategy you plan may be quite different depending upon if you are a new brand or revitalizing an old one. Either way, you need to set goals by looking back at your original business objective. Match up your financial goals with the values set out in your mission statement.

3. Devise a Brand Identity

Now you have the ideology and plan for your business, it is time to make it look good. This is called your brand identity. It incorporates the look of your logos, published materials, and website.

Brand identity is important as it should reflect the story of your company. People should be able to look at a logo or document and see your mission statement reflected in logos and typefaces. It is advisable to hire in some help as these techniques are very skilled and if done wrong, could damage your identity or make it confusing.

4. Plan for Changes

When building your brand story, no matter how proud you are of it, it just may not ring true with customers. Be willing to adapt, and do not be precious of any elements. The most important thing is that the brand story helps customers connect with your business.

After a few months, measure the impact the new image has had. Ask customers what they think of the brand story and if needed, adapt.

5. Share the Story

Once you have your brand story established, it is time to get it out to the public. There are many ways to do this, particularly when using digital marketing. The most important element to remember is that the channels you choose align with your UVP.

Start to make content, such as social media posts and blog articles. They can be focussed on your brand, or even better, related topics. This will create a feeling of trust and show your company as experts.

Keep Revising

Once you have mastered the techniques on building a brand story, go back, and revise your strategy. Do this regularly, so that you are always moving with changes to customer’s needs and attitudes.

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