5 Essential Steps For Effective Fire Emergency Plan

Safety precaution is a life skill that is mandatory to be known no matter where and how you live. We could be in any situation that doesn’t mean we should be oblivious of our situation. Being familiar with some emergency evacuation training is extremely essential to be aware of. What if you are in an unfortunate situation where you need to execute an effective fire emergency evacuation plan?

Be it at your workplace or home or anywhere you are, if at all you find yourself in a dangerous situation where a fire is broken, you need to know how to evacuate from the place safely. This way, not only will you help yourself, but can help everyone around you too. If you are not quite aware of what to do in a situation like that, below are some steps that need to be taken during a fire emergency. Fire accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents one could encounter, if at all you find yourself in one, it is essential that you know what to do.

Pre-Planned Emergency Evacuation Template

If you own a building for your company or even for your own house, it is always best to keep a set of emergency evacuation plan templates ready for accidents that are more likely to happen. For this, you need to consider the geographical position and weather patterns in your area. In case of a fire accident, you need to already know exactly what to do. 

Having a plan beforehand will not be useful if you haven’t discussed it nor practiced it. You should do fire emergency drills once in a while so that the routine becomes familiar to you. If there are children on the premises, this will help them too. A few fire drills occasionally will help the kids memorise the procedure to put into action if whenever necessary. Be aware of all the exits that can be taken during a fire and also decide a place where you can take refuge and call for help. If we are considering this in an office atmosphere in public, it needs to be made sure that people of all kinds, differently challenged and with mental illness are considered. It is necessary that the plan is safe for everyone. 

Decide Beforehand Who Takes The Control

A fire emergency evacuation plan is not easy to execute, and in an hour of alarming need, someone needs to guide everyone. More than one person can be assigned to quickly move out people as soon as possible. It is better to have a small team because this will also help people with disabilities. You need to make sure that this team is required to have undergone emergency evacuation training and is well fit for the job. 

It is best not to force anyone for the job because some people may find the situation anxiety-inducing and will not be able to deal with other people. It is best to choose those people who are healthy and young and willing to do the emergency by managing other people. In short, there should be a clear chain of command handling the evacuation. 

What Kind Of Special Equipment Are Needed?

While you create your emergency evacuation plan template,  it is best to include necessary equipment and instructions to use them too. Not only should you include them in the plan template but also keep enough stock for the people in the building. 

If you are not aware of what exactly you need to keep as precautionary evacuation equipment, the following list might help;

  • Special body protection suit for abnormal environmental conditions
  • Hard hats and safety shoes to get out of a dangerous situation.
  • Chemical suits, gloves, hoods, and boots are extremely important during a fire, especially for people assigned to the rescue team.
  • Safety glasses, face shields, or goggles will also come into use to keep you well away from danger. 

Make sure that all this equipment is kept in a place where it’s easily available to access and pass around people. Make sure that all the equipment is put into use and make it mandatory that the assigned rescue team is well suited with the equipment as they’ll help people. Please note that this equipment will not assure safety but only help you sustain yourself through the evacuation. Therefore, it is important to contact the fire emergency helpline soon after evacuation or if possible, during the evacuation. 

What Do You Carry Out During Evacuation?

It is extremely important to understand that during a fire emergency evacuation, saving your life and others should be a priority above all. That said, if you can save your very important valuables, you may do so. By valuable here, we mean important documents that cannot be retrieved from fire. It is best to keep these documents at a place where you can easily retrieve them and save them. It would also be smart to keep extra copies as proof of their existence. 

Importance Of Keeping Calm

During a fire accident, something that is difficult to tell ourselves is to keep our calm. This would be even more difficult if you didn’t know what to do during a situation like that. Therefore, as mentioned above, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and mindful of what to do in emergency situations. This will help you calm down and quickly work towards the evacuations and save your fellow mates also.  Just knowing this information and procedure is not enough. It would be best if you receive professional training from a trusted and reliable agency, that will definitely come into use. If you are looking for a company that will help with fire safety training in Australia, click here!This is one of our top recommendations and we believe that they will give you the best training experience. 


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