5 Essential Steps for Designing an Impressive Logo

Ever thought why many brands fail to take off their success flight?

Because they fail to have an exceptional logo design!

Since it’s the first contact point between your brand and your consumers, it should have that “WOW” factor that convinces them to know more about the company.

Today, visuals impact much more than old days where having no logo was okay since there were no complex marketing procedures and high competitions. But today, you must have an amazing logo design otherwise you don’t stand a chance in the sea of brands online.

Come, let us share some essential tips for designing an amazing logo for your brand!

Decide Branding Objectives

In order to have an amazing corporate face of your business, you must first decide the exact aims of your branding. Because without having a definitive objective list, you’ll be lost in the complex designing world given the awesome inspirations and various font choices.

In order to stay relevant with your business objectives, write down few a core aims of your branding endeavors that you want to achieve via the logo design. For example, if you sell seat covers for SUVs, your logo must include a comforting element suggesting the state of travel or something of this sort. This way you can easily insert the idea of travel and automobile accessories in viewer’s mind without confusing them.

Select Relevant Colors

In order to invoke all the right feelings about your brand, you must know what colors would be the perfect fit to be included in your logo design. Because colors are connected with our subconscious mind and can impact on how we see things in general.

For example, a brand using red color in its logo would be perceived as a lively (and if done wrong) as an aggressive one. Similarly, if you choose calm colors such as blue, green or pink, your brand would be taken as a peaceful, serene organization even without looking at the kind of products that you’re selling.

Choose Appropriate Font

Next, in process of designing an impressive logo for your company, you must sit with your logo designer and discuss the various font options.

Because one of your branding objectives would be to make your brand name memorable so avoid choosing a non-legible font. As no one be able to remember your brand name if they can’t read it properly. So, never underestimate the power of a font in a logo design in order to achieve your branding objectives.

A simple rule would be to exclude all those fonts that do look fancy but lack readability factor in their basic appearance in order to select the right font for the logo.

Avoid Confusing Designs

One grave mistake, that all failed brands make, is to select very confusing design approach!

You might want to associate your brand as the most creative one but it backfires when the common consumer, without having much knowledge about arts, fails to relate with it. A typical consumer spends 1-2 seconds reading the name of the brand or trying to understand the design concept.

Now, if you use a complex design approach for your brand’s logo, you’ll lose that 2 second’s window to gain their attention. And with this, you can easily lose a potential customer in quest of being too artistic.

So, if you truly want to design an impressive logo design then go for the one that majority can easily guess. Because only then you can expect your branding formula to work once your core consumer passes the level one, paying attention on your brand’s logo.

Avoid Trendy Logo Approach

In order to design an amazing logo for your brand, stop making one common mistake that majority of mediocre brands make, to use trendy logos.

Don’t forget that these logos may cost lesser but they can collapse your whole branding plan. And you wouldn’t want to experience such a discomfort seeing your brand fail just because of using a trendy, too common logo design.

The problem in using a trendy logo design is that it is too common in the design approach that there’s a high chance that your core consumers may start pointing this out. And this can affect your brand in a negative way when people, instead of talking about your business ideas, gossip about your logo’s similarity with 50 other brands in the market.


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