5 Essential Services You Need to Know to Live Comfortably in Singapore

With Singapore’s economy booming, it’s no surprise that living in this alluring Southeast Asian metropolis has become attainable for even those on a budget.

With an average per capita income of $118,000, it is no wonder that Singapore boasts one of the world’s highest standards of living.

Despite these impressive figures, there are some essential services you must be aware of before establishing residence in Singapore – from healthcare to communications and entertainment; let us take a look at what’s necessary for a contented life!

What Life Is Like in Singapore

It is difficult to overstate the importance of living in a city like Singapore, as it provides an array of opportunities for employment and social interaction. For starters, nearly everyone has access to a car; this advantage allows residents to venture further afield with ease – from attending cultural events and sporting activities to visiting family members or enjoying beach holidays!

Traffic jams are often cited as one of the biggest challenges for expats relocating to Singapore. Indeed, historically speaking the country’s land-scarce environment has required drastic measures when it comes to road construction. However, recent innovations have alleviated this stress and facilitated even more traffic flow – which can only be a good thing!

1. Transportation Services – Bus

In addition to their fleet of vehicles, public bus companies like SMRT, SBS Transit and Go Ahead also provide fixed-route services. They provide an essential service for residents and well labelled bus stops with a user friendly App like citymapper or transitlink to easily find your way around the island of Singapore.


Singapore’s rapid-busy Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network is a must-visit destination for visitors who have limited time to spend in this bustling city. With six lines crisscrossing the island and offering more than 100 stations, travelers can take advantage of the swiftest mode of transport around – making it ideal for those short on time!

Stations are often located within close proximity to one another, so don’t fret if you miss your desired exit while traversing through this intricate system. Instead, simply use Google Maps or some other navigational app to estimate how long you’ll need to walk from station A to station B before returning to point A again; if any discrepancies arise during your journey then simply call out for assistance from any available station control staff!


Grab is the quintessential mobility app in Singapore. Despite the app’s name, it encompasses many different modes of transportation – taxis, buses and even private cars!

With a typical fare coming in at around approximately SGD$7, Grab is an excellently priced option for any trip.

2. Singapore Pharmacy OTC Medication Services

Singapore is renowned for its pharmaceutical offerings, boasting a robust variety of medicines. Discovering the proper medication for your ailment can be an arduous task; however, you do not need to travel all the way from home in order to obtain one – rely on these convenient OTC medications found at Singapore pharmacy across the island state!

You could conceivably utilize your SingHealth card as an ID when obtaining OTC medications, but if you’d like to ensure you’ll have access to any particular drug just in case – such as ibuprofen during flu season – then consider purchasing it ahead of time. Just don’t forget about it when you are out and about!

The numerous options available for obtaining OTC medication are plentiful and affordable. With prices starting at 21 cents per unit, it’s an affordable solution that provides quick relief without requiring any prescription medications.

3. Handyman Services – plumbing

If you own a household and have no experience in DIY or handyman services, it’s wise to employ professionals for plumbing tasks such as installing sinks, toilets and showers.

Handyman pricing is typically determined by the extent of work required for your project. An experienced tradesman will likely charge more than a novice contractor; however, the cost difference ranges between $50-$200+ per hour depending on the magnitude of work involved.

To assess whether hiring a plumber is right for you, consider how often pipes clog up. If you find that professional help would be beneficial, consider enlisting one to schedule regular maintenance on pipes in your home.


Hardware within your home must function without fail. If a switch malfunctions or there is an issue with the electricity supply, you will be unable to use any electrical appliances and equipment. All this can lead to hefty expenses if not remedied promptly!

If it is discovered that any part of your circuitry went awry – such as a burnt-out light bulb or malfunctioning fan – then you must replace it immediately to avoid further woes. After all, it’s imperative that all devices in operation are operating within their optimal ranges!


A painting is an essential service that every household should possess, allowing homeowners to create ambiance and transform dull spaces into attractive interiors.

With the numerous top-notch painters in Singapore, you can rest assured knowing that your home’s décor will be flawlessly executed without fail. If you prefer a more minimalist approach when it comes to keeping house, then consider opting for a serene yet captivating color scheme for an effortless look that provides both comfort and harmony!

4. Home Maintenance Services – Aircon

If you own a house in Singapore, chances are there will be at least one air conditioning unit installed. HVACs keep homes cool during the heat of day and also provide an abundance of fresh air when it’s time to unwind.

However, if your AC unit breaks down then don’t panic! Singapore is home to some of Asia’s most renowned aircon services who can come to your rescue. If repairs prove infeasible, they can replace damaged parts with all new components – keeping your home comfortable while on-hand during the construction process!

pest control

Enormous quantities of cockroaches, rodents and ants can be found in city apartments – whether they are abandoned properties or new constructions. To combat a rising infestation, it is necessary to seek out a reliable pest control company for assistance.

In order to safeguard its residents from pests, the International Business Times has compiled an extensive list of the best exterminators in Singapore that can provide solutions for all kinds of issues related to pests and vermin infestations!


For most people, cleaning will be their first stop when it comes to domestic services. After all, chores are unavoidable – even for those of us who cherish a spotless home!

From regular vacuuming and floor-cleaning sprees, to the removal of pet hair from furniture – there is no end to household tasks that require one’s attention.

To facilitate ease in scheduling your cleaning services, local franchisees of professional cleaning businesses typically provide on-demand services such as transport-based cleanup. Alternatively, some establishments may also provide their clientele with an option of booking ahead appointments that they can choose from when they need help tidying up; all these options can prove quite beneficial!

5. Banking Services – cashless society

Banking services in Singapore typically require no cash. You won’t even need to carry a purse or wallet if you wish – everything can be dealt with on your mobile device!

With numerous financial institutions operating within the country, you can choose from a plethora of services including savings accounts and loans; as well as insurance policies for automobiles and homes.

To take advantage of this convenient arrangement between traditional banks and merchants, facilities such as NETS (National Electronic Transfers) and EZlink cards are available – offering two-way transfers in between these entities without incurring any additional fees whatsoever!


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