5 Essential Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Video Transfer Service

Photos and videos are some of the best ways to preserve your memories. They allow you to look back on the most treasured moments of your life and act as a great way to connect you to loved ones who are no longer around.

There is nothing quite as heartwarming as sitting down with old pictures and videos, reliving the good times. It helps us find a little bit of sunshine in those dreary, exhausting days and keeps us looking forward to making even better memories in the future with the people we love!

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are when storing old pictures and VHS tapes, they’re bound to become victims of wear and tear. You may think your collection of memories is secure, but it’s slowly breaking down, and soon enough, it will be too damaged to play anymore. How heartbreaking would that be?!

Preservation is key. Before your videos pass the point of no return, it’s best to reach out to a VHS to DVD service to get your tapes transferred to a digital format. It will help you preserve your fond memories for the future without worrying about losing the few copies left on tapes that most of us can’t even play anymore. 

Confirm That They Can Transfer Your Format

The first thing you should know before placing your order is the company’s range of services, and the formats they work with. Different photo scanning services accept videos in different formats to be transferred or digitized. By knowing exactly what formats they work with, you can choose the right people to preserve your memories with no complications down the line.

You should consider this as an opportunity to initiate a professional relationship with the agency as well. You’ll find a service provider you can trust, and continue to reach out to in the future if you decide to digitize more videos and pictures.

How Do They Set the Costs?

This question is the best way to determine the pricing model of the photo scanning service, and will help you find out whether the company offers services within your budget or not. Moreover, you can make sure they aren’t overcharging you as well.

Once you ask them about the cost and you have a rough estimate in mind, be sure to consider the prices offered by other agencies, you should always compare the services offered by multiple businesses before making your final decision. This is the best way to get the most value out of the money you’re putting in to digitize your videos and pictures. This is to guarantee that you get the highest quality services within your budget. 

Remember to set your standards high and ensure that the agency is willing to meet them in your budget before entrusting them with your project.

How Experienced Is the Service Agency?

Once you have the background information about the video transfer agency, the next factor to look into is their experience. Any agency you consider should have at least 3 to 5 years of work experience to be considered reliable. After all, you are entrusting them with some of your most treasured memories; you can’t risk any damage befalling them!

When determining the agency’s experience, try to determine their most popular services. Finding agencies that specialize in a particular service will certainly result in a better transfer than companies that work with just anything. 

Do the Customer Reviews Speak in Their Favor?

You can tell a lot about the quality of VHS to DVD services a company offers by looking into customer reviews. You can’t get more reliable information than from people who have worked with the agency before, go online and look up what they are saying about the company. Are the reviews mostly positive, or are there customers complaining about the agency doing a poor job of transferring their videos?

You can start by navigating the agency’s website and then going to various online platforms for more reviews. Compare whether the reviews on the website match up with the reviews on other platforms to determine whether they are genuine or not. Any information is good information, especially if it’s your first time approaching a company for transfer.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Lastly, you need to know about how long the video transfer services take before you place your order with an agency. This is especially true if you require the digitized videos for an urgent project or event. Perhaps you’re planning to surprise your loved ones with a family montage, or you wish to play the videos at an upcoming memorial. Asking the business directly what the turnaround time of your project may be will confirm that the business is on top of its workflow, and help you manage your own schedule around the expected service. If they’re taking too much time, it obviously won’t work for you. However, do note that companies that offer quick services often compromise on quality. That won’t work well either!