5 Essential Long-Distance Moving Hacks 

Are you stressed out whenever you think of moving to a new location? Probably you’ve had thoughts about moving that almost steal your peace, be rest assured that we are here to help you. You won’t be the first person to move to a new state or city nor will you be the last. Let’s save you from an overwhelming situation with long-distance moving hacks that have been tested by many. 

Read this article till the end to discover them. 

What is Considered Long Distance For A Moving Company? 

There’s a difference between local moving and long-distance moving, it has to do with distance. If the move is more than 400 miles, it is already considered a long distance. Long-distance movers spend more on their movement because of the miles they cover and the load they carry. Also, it requires more careful preparation, especially from the company which is why you can’t afford to make your bookings last minute. 

5 Essential Hacks For Long Distance Moving 

  1. Draft A Plan 

Procrastination and long-distance moves are sworn enemies. Think of it as Tom and Jerry, characters from children’s cartoons that don’t see eye to eye. This is why you must create a clear plan that covers how you want to move your stuff to your new location. Schedule all the important activities that will help you pack effectively and stick with your plan. 

Make sure your plan contains the specific time you would be done with your required tasks. However, this plan will help you reduce stress and make the work less cumbersome. You must remain organized to avoid forgetting important aspects of the process. Remember that popular saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Fortunately, you don’t like failure. 

  1. Search For Good Moving Companies 

A long distance moving company plays a crucial role in making your move seamless. However, there are different long-distance moving companies that you will encounter and you must perform thorough research before making your choice. Make sure it is a company that has a long track record of providing premium services. 

Although there are many long-distance movers Ottawa, however, you need to find the one with a professional team to help you. The best companies are insured and registered which assures you that your load is in safe hands. Also, check the rating of companies with BBB because it shows that the team is well-trained. 

  1. Reduce Your Load 

If you want to reduce the cost of your move, you will have to declutter your space. A typical long-distance moving company calculates the cost per mile with the weight of your load to determine the total cost that you will incur. This period is a perfect time for you to determine what you would love to sell and the ones to throw out. There’s no point in moving clothes that you no longer wear or appliances that are malfunctioning to your new location. 

Decluttering will help you reduce the time you spend on packing and also cut down your expenses. You can also decide to donate some of the items that you no longer need, especially the ones that will be useless in your new location. 

  1. Mark Your Boxes 

You don’t want to mix up the items in your new location just because you failed to label them. Imagine that you need to quickly get important items on your first day at work but you can’t find them. It only means you’ll end up being stressed, tired and frustrated after a long search. 

There are various ways you can mark your boxes to make them more organized. You can mark it according to the rooms or by the function (that means either for school or work) that it renders. Make sure that what you use regularly is kept within your reach for easy access. That way, you can save yourself from unnecessary stress. 

  1. Know Your Area

Before you move to your new location you must get accustomed to it. Know where the nearest bus stop is located, find out information about great restaurants around, and try to reach out to like-minded people in the city. Now, you don’t want to move to your new location feeling lonely without anyone you can visit or talk to. Leverage social media as an avenue to meet incredible people. 

Bonus Point: If you have family and friends in a new location, start calling to inform them that you’ll soon be in town. They can always show you around. 

Final Thoughts 

Moving to a new location sparks mixed feelings among different individuals. There’s the excitement of meeting new people and experiencing a different culture, however, it can also be terrifying when you remember that you’re leaving familiar territory. Hiring experienced long-distance movers will position you better for a stress-free experience that will catapult you into a new phase in life.