5 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics that Increase Engagement and Sales

Do you think just posting regularly on social media is enough for digital marketing? 

Think again!

Digital marketing is more than one individual action or strategy. And the common terms like complex marketing funnels, split testing, and optimizing online ads could look sophisticated and daunting.

But when we look at the core of any digital marketing strategy, it is to attract the customers, make them engage more and thereby, and improve sales. So, in this blog, we’re going to cut out all the complexities out of digital marketing and make it real simple — how you can make digital marketing work for your business to attract customers.

With experiences collected from the leading Austin digital marketing agency, YellowFin Digital, we’ll look at some of the different tactics of digital marketing to make it work.

5 Practical Digital Marketing Tactics to Attract, Engage and Convert

Let’s not talk about those theoretical ideas and strategies that only look good on paper. We’ll be looking at five tried and tested tactics that worked the best for various companies to increase their exposure, engagement, and conversions.

1. Blogging + SEO = The Real Deal

We absolutely stress often on the importance of blogging. By blogging, we don’t mean the random outbursts of thoughts you add to your website. No.

It’s a defined strategy of posting regular blogs on the website that’s useful to your customers combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you have this motive in mind, coming up with blog ideas wouldn’t be that difficult.

Just think about the common questions your customers keep asking you. Create a single blog for every one of your questions and you have loads of blog topics ready to go.

For example, if you’re running a nail salon, you may get questions like:

  • How to maintain the longevity of my nail work?
  • How can I avoid my nails from chipping?
  • How often should I get my nails done?
  • How to grow nails?

You can use Google Keyword Planner and enter these short questions in it. These are the results you get when you type ‘ How to grow nails?’


You can see a list of related keywords and the volume of the searches for it.

You can aim for those with medium or low competition to start out and include some of the main keywords organically in your respective blogs.

If you are having trouble identifying the keywords and optimizing the blog for SEO, you can go for companies offering website SEO services Austin to help you out. You can go for the complete blogging services with SEO, or you can choose only to get the SEO services done from the Austin digital marketing company and handle the blogging part on your side.

Either way, it’s crucial to have a blog optimized for search engines and regularly update it with useful content for the customers.

2. Regular Social Media Posts + Engagement with Users = A Loyal Community

Did you know that 80% of the companies are under the impression that they deliver exceptional social media customer service but only 8% of their customers agree to it?

If you’ve been considering yourself in that 80%, then it’s time to take a reality check.

  • Are you regularly posting on social media?
  • Are you engaging with your users through comments and DMs?
  • Are you replying to your DMs from prospects within a few hours?
  • Are you looking at the numbers every once in a while and figuring out where you can improve?

If you’ve been answering ‘No’ from the first question, then you definitely need to ramp up your social media work. When you do all of these things, it doesn’t mean your sales will skyrocket in a week. It just means you have started right and you need to maintain the same momentum to grow more.

Here are a few more statistics from Smart Insights showing the importance of social media for businesses.


You can see that brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and referrals can all be improved with your regular social media engagement. 

You don’t have to pick all of the popular social media platforms. Just choose one or two to begin with. These must be the platforms where your customers are present the most. 

Begin by posting useful content for your customers at their peak online time. Most of all, engage with your users as much as possible. When you keep doing it regularly, you can build a loyal community around your brand that impacts your business positively.

3. Attention-Grabbing, Good-Old Emails + Tracking = Spike in Conversions

Emails are the prime, undisputed heroes of digital marketing. As much as we like to speak harshly about email marketing, it’s there to stay.

However, with many companies sending out loads of emails often and everyone’s inbox getting crowded, you have to be one step better than the others. To do that, you need to focus on creating an enticing subject line that prompts the people to click on it. When you have a well-written email but a bland subject line, it’s all a waste.

Have a compelling email content and an even great subject line to do the trick.

Make sure to track all of your emails, compare the open rates, conversion rates, and a few other important figures among your emails and find out the best ones that work with your customers the most. If you aren’t sure about tracking and analyzing the email metrics, you can hire a digital marketing agency for small businesses to help you out.

You can use an email marketing strategy to retarget your customers and also for converting your prospects.

4. Website + Social Proof = Brand Authority

People are spoilt for choices. But with so many companies in every market, customers aren’t sure about the quality and the reliability. This is where your social proof makes the difference. 

Nowadays, reviews influence a customer’s buying decision.


In a survey by BrightLocal in 2019, it’s found that 91% of people say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business. So when you have loads of good reviews on social media, why not link them to your website and show your brand authority?

You can easily use social media widgets that directly link the reviews from social media to your website. This way, the website visitors will know the authenticity of the reviews and thus, increasing the chances of your conversions.

5. Customer Feedback + Interesting Elements = Retaining Attention

So your customers have purchased from you, now what?

Many companies generally send out feedback forms to their customers. You would’ve often seen those boring forms with a long list of questions. 

Why should a customer go out of their way to fill such feedback forms? What do they get in return?

This is where you can set yourself apart. Feedback is one area where the customer engages with you. You can use this opportunity to make the form personal, fun, and interactive. You can add big fonts, emojis, and interactive language to make the customer feel valued. 

Additionally, you can also offer vouchers and coupons in exchange for filling out feedback forms. 

When you ask customers for feedback this way, the customers will be happy to do it and won’t forget your business for a very long time!

Wrapping Up

If you want to make digital marketing work, make most of every opportunity you get with your customers and prospects. From social media to emails and customer feedback, you can make your presence felt and distinguish yourself from the crowd by engaging with the users and using unique approaches. 

YellowFin Digital, the popular Austin Digital Marketing Agency for small businesses, has used this very principle as the basis for many companies and it has worked out well time and again. Include all of these five tested and proven tactics of digital marketing and notice how much it impacts your sales figures.

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