You are done building your WooCommerce store, the first question that might pop up in your head is how can you secure it? Securing your website is important because 1) it will protect against leaking of sensitive information and hacking, 2) it will improve your SEO ranking 3) it increases your conversion rates

To sign up for your services your customers have to add their personal information and it will be your job to protect their credentials from getting hacked. Besides that, there are other sensitive data on your website that need proper security. While WooCommerce has its store security system, it’s not a good idea to be always dependant on WordPress Development Company. 

You need to add some security measures to protect your store. We know for a beginner it might sound complicated but with just a few easy steps you can add a security wall on your website. Let’s see what they are. 

  • Good Hosting Service

For WordPress, you need a hosting service, and the more you pay for a hosting service the better it is in quality service. And by quality service, we are referring to the best class safety protection that will work for your whole website. 

We highly recommend that you invest in a reliable hosting service that is recommended by WordPress. Why? Because it will be compatible with all of WordPress and WooCommerce features and services. Bluehost can be a good option as it is used by millions of websites. It takes care of all the updates, backups, checks for malware, has different firewalls, and provides different security measures. If you have any more queries, you can easily visit their website. 

  • Secure Your Login And Password

The most hacked information on your website is your credentials like usernames and passwords, especially if its an easy and short password. You can easily tackle this problem by these steps:

  • Password Protection Plugin

It is really important to update your username and password after a certain period. This practice will make sure that your password is untraceable and your website remains impenetrable. But it can be hard to remember all the passwords, especially if you have created a complicated one. 

There are different plugins available on WordPress that can remember and protect your password. The two plugins that are highly recommended, not just by us but by WooCommerce well, are LastPass and 1Password. Both of these plugins create robust passwords for your websites and keep the hackers away. 

  • Two-Step Verification

Just having a complicated password is not enough. If someone gains access to your store they have enough time to gather information and also change your login and password.  To avoid such a mishap we suggest that you use Two-Step verification or 2FA so nobody can gain access to your website. 

Just having a complicated password is not enough. If someone gains access to your store they have enough time to gather information and also change your login and password.  To avoid such a mishap we suggest that you use Two-Step verification or 2FA so nobody can gain access to your website. 

If you are using Wordfence on your website, you can upgrade it to Wordfence Pro which has the 2FA option. But due to some reason, you decided not to invest in  Wordfence Pro then  UNLOQ will be a good option.  

  • Limit the Number of Login Attempts

Even with strong passwords and 2FA, some individuals might try brute force to login into your account. These attacks are really common for WordPress users and such attacks have only increased with time. If you have installed Wordfence then you don`t have to worry about such attacks.

But if you are not using Wordfence, we suggest Jetpack as a good alternative to it. Jetpack offers different security measures and it is highly effective against brute force attacks by blocking unwanted login attempts. 

  • Updated Themes and Plugins

Themes and importantly Plugins such as request for quote, woocommerce product table are important tools for optimizing and increasing conversion to your WooCommerce store, sometimes installing an outdated theme or plugin can lead spammers and hackers to your store. To avoid this issue, we advise you to update them as soon as the new version arrives. 

Also, it will be in your best interest to get themes and plugins directly from the WordPress store or any other reliable source. Especially those themes and plugins that have been highly rated by the users. Besides this, also remove unnecessary plugins that are disabled on your store. 

  • Get an SSL Certificate

Since 2018 Google is marking some WordPress websites unsafe which do not have an SSL certificate. What is an SSL certificate? Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) is a security layer around your website that makes sure that the information passed between the user and a program is shared through an encoded connection. 

When you get an SSL certificate, your HTTP website becomes HTTPS and has a padlock icon. This means that your website is secure and it also improves your overall SEO ranking. It is essential for those WooCommerce stores or any other ecommerce platform that have customers` payment data. 

You can easily install the SSL certificate through your hosting service. Some good web hosting like Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate that you can utilize. 

  • Payment through PayPal

Paypal is one of the most secure way to make payments. Running your installments through PayPal will make sure that your customer`s information is secure. PayPal oversees all of the payments and all of the sensitive information is secured by PayPal. Even though your website is safe, your customers can utilize PayPal and make their payment data secure. This will be one thing less for you to worry about. 


These are just a few easy steps that even a beginner can use to secure their WooCommerce store. If you still have some queries, you can contact a WordPress developer to guide you. If you like to have more security measures on your WooCommerce store do check out this link down below.