5 Easy ways to get great clothes at a deep discount

It is not cheap for fashion clothes, especially when looking at oversized coats, shoes, and handbags. But a low budget doesn’t mean you can’t have any designer brands in your wardrobe. In fact, with some creative skills, you can still buy some designer brands you like with a small budget.

1. Purchase other series

The same fashion company or brand may have multiple brands. I don’t know if you noticed. Most high-end designer brands have many different collections to choose from, and some clothing styles are very affordable. For example, Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs have several sub-brands, and the products produced by the sub-brands are relatively cheap and of good quality.

  1. Use Amazon Coupons

Maybe many people know that there are many extensive promotions on Amazon, but they may know little about Amazon coupons. Amazon coupons campaigns are an activity for Amazon merchants to give back to users and benefit buyers, and it is also a way for merchants to increase sales. It’s like using coupons when we shop at Burger King Store. Moreover, the after-sales service is also guaranteed. Because buying through their website is no different from ordinary online shopping, you only need to receive Amazon coupons on those platforms that have joined the Amazon affiliate program to get discounts.

3. Off-season shopping

Buying your favorite designer in the off-season means you can get a big discount because retailers try to make room for new items. In September, I purchased a swimsuit from my famous designer for a few cents. Although you may have to wait a few months, this is a great way to get a designer brand.

When bargaining and shopping in the off-season, please follow the following tips: Buying coats in April, swimsuits in September, and boots in March can help you expand your designer brand. Follow the wise off-season shopping rules, and you can get considerable discounts and use them to buy your favorite brand-name products until the right season comes again.

4. Buy second-hand

Choose a consignment store for shopping instead of a thrift store. Thrift stores rely on donations, which means you may occasionally find a suitable product, but it is not satisfactory in most cases. But consignment stores are a profitable business, so they usually repair, clean, and improve the goods before they are sold. And they will specially select items that do not show too much wear and tear, so you will often find better quality items there, such as handbags, accessories, and even special occasions dress.

5. Buy at the online clearance store

You may be used to looking for clearance shelves in the store, but don’t forget to bargain online. Viewing closed sites is like browsing the shelves of discount stores such as TJMaxx—the store accepts or buys products that are off-season or otherwise removed from brand-name stores and then sells them to you at significant discounts.

I like the designer brand Vince Camuto, but in Nordstrom, the retail price of Camuto tops is usually between US$80 and US$120. But in the closed stores of Nordstrom Rack retailers, the retail price of the same shirt that I have been longing for is usually between $30 and $40. Although you may need to wait for a specific product to land and close the site, they are great for shopping if you like a particular designer rather than a particular item.