5 Easy DIY Projects for Your Boat

Summertime and the living is easy! Well, if you have a boat, it is. As the weather heats up, more and more amateur captains are heading to their ships to hit the open water. Whether your vessel is a powerboat built for speed, or a sailboat ready to cruise, now is the time to dust it off and have some summer fun. If your boat is looking a little shabby though, it might be in need of an upgrade. Here are five ideas for how to spruce up your rig just in time for boating season. 

Upgrade the finish

If you’ve owned your boat for a while, you know the wear and tear that can happen over time. Even high-quality boats can lose their sheen after a while. While this may not matter much to you from an aesthetic point of view, other, more serious issues can pop up for boat owners when the waterproof finish starts to wear down. This can cause water damage or rot, both of which can potentially lead to problems with buoyancy if left untreated. Do yourself a favor and update the finish periodically, making sure to use quality marine epoxy and paint. The boat will look good as new and float like it too! 

Add a name

A boat is an expression of your personality and summer style. For this reason, it absolutely must have a name. A good boat name can be sentimental or fun, but ultimately it adds flair to your already incredible ship. If your boat has a name, make sure that others know by stenciling the name onto the side or the bow. We recommend picking a bold font and a complimentary color so that your new name will stand out, personalized and proud. 

Get an outrigger for fishing

This next suggestion is not for those into chic travel, but for those who love to spend the day casting a reel. Whether you fish for fun or for food, adding an outrigger to your boat is an easy DIY way to increase your success. Outriggers allow you to trail multiple fishing lines behind your boat without crossing the lines, which creates the illusion of a school of fish. This, in turn, attracts more fish, who are likely to end up on your line (and on your dinner plate). For any serious fisherman, outriggers are an essential addition to your vessel that you won’t regret. 

Turn a seat into a cooler

Maybe you’re less into the fishing life and more into the social aspects of spending a day on the water. If this is you, turn your boat into a miniature booze cruise by adding a well-insulated cooler underneath one of your seats. This can be done easily by sealing a cooler bag to space under a removable seat cushion. Then just add ice and the beer or canned cocktails of your choice! This is perfect for smaller boats where a cooler on deck would take up too much space. 

As always, safety should come first. Drinking and operating a boat can be dangerous, and in some places it is illegal. Always follow all safety laws and take precaution for the sake of you and your passengers. 

Install USB charging ports

For those that love to spend the entire day on the water, not having a charging port can start to become a problem after a few hours. We use our phones for music, navigation, and communication, all of which drains the phone battery throughout the day. Avoid this struggle by adding some easy-to-install usb charging ports to your boat. This will ensure that you and your loved ones stay connected and happy all day long. 

Owning a boat is a way of life. Make the most of yours this summer with these fun and useful DIY projects.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.