5 Dolls from Horor Movies Kids will love as Chirstmas Gift


Dolls are a fun and often recommended gift for children at Christmas. These little plastic figurines are perfect for adding excitement to the holidays and can be enjoyed by any child. If you’re looking for a way to show your child that you care about them and want them to have the best Christmas ever, look no further than these 5 dolls from Horor Movies. They’ll love every one of them as a gift, and they’ll be sure to enjoy playing with them during the holiday season. 


An Annabelle doll is one of the most popular items in a child’s Christmas gift. These dolls come in many different styles, colors, and sizes, making them perfect for children of all ages. Some of the most popular Annabelle dolls are the jolliest little girls with big eyes and happy smiles. Some are more serious, with sexy features that make your partner or children seem foolish for giving them away.


When it comes to Christmas, there can’t be a more desired gift than a clown doll. These little “clowns” come in all shapes and sizes and are often used in horror movies as part of the gag equipment. They’re usually very funny and add greatly to any child’s Christmastime haul. Whether buying them for yourself or giving them as a gift, ensure you get the right clown doll for your child.

Talky Tina

When you give your little horror movie enthusiast a Talky Tina Doll, they’ll be thrilled! These dolls come from horror movies and are sure to make for a spooky Christmas gift. Talky Tina dolls have bright red hair, big green eyes, and a mean attitude – just like the characters in some of their favorite horror movies. Your child will love dressing up with this scary girl doll and playing out scenes from their favorite movies with her. Who knows, she may even learn a thing or two about making horror films herself!

Coraline doll


A coraline doll is a favorite toy for many children. Kids love horror movies, and who can blame them? They provide an adrenaline rush with suspenseful scenes and jump scares that leave them screaming and on the edge of their seats. And what kid wouldn’t love getting a creepy doll-like Coraline from the movie of the same name? This film contains eerie characters, dark secrets, and spine-chilling scenes that will make your little one shiver. So if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your child this holiday season, look no further than a Coraline doll.

Chucky doll

Chucky Doll Childs Play Talking Prop Replica - Chucky Doll

Looking for the perfect gift for your little horror movie fanatic this Christmas? Look no further than the infamous chucky doll! This toy is available in various charming outfits and makes any child’s holiday dreams come true. If you’re worried about quality, don’t be – the makers of this doll have put a lot of effort into ensuring each one is high-quality and well-made. So if your child is a fan of horror movies, be sure to get them a Chucky doll as their Christmas present!


Horor movies can be a fun way for kids to learn about horror. While some of the movies may not be appropriate for all children, any child who enjoys watching horror movies will love these dolls. So don’t wait; get your doll set up and start stocking up on horror movie gifts!


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