5 CPG Industry Trends to Follow for Ultimate Success in 2021

Owing to the pandemic, there has been a surge in CPG spending of around 19 percent among households in the U.S.A in 2020.

Now while the coronavirus isn’t fresh news anymore, and everything finds its way into a new normal, an important question comes to mind. What does 2021 have in store for the CPG industry?


This article aims to answer that very question by outlining five important trends we all need to watch out for this year!

Put the Focus on Delivery Offerings

As we embrace the new normal, we must acknowledge that more consumers have moved to delivery apps and services. With this new trend in place, places like Walmart and Amazon rise to the top as the reliable megastores that they are.

This trend of online and delivery based purchases is not likely to stop in 2021.

A Brand With a Cause

A pandemic, climate change, global warming, rampant poverty – the world exists with its fair share of problems. People are more cause-driven today and want the same from their brands.

They are also not short of choice when it comes to their access to products. It only makes sense that they would choose a brand they consider more ethical or cause-driven over another. Find your audience, find their cause, and embrace sustainability if you’re planning for the long haul!

Subscriptions for the Win

One of the biggest disruptors in the game are subscription models. These models aim to offer convenience, ease, reliability, variety, and affordability to their consumers.

This works well for brands that offer products that require repeated purchasing like tampons, shaving kits, or makeup. However, if that’s what you’re looking to invest in, you will also need quality supplier management software as provided by tracegains.com or smssolutionsinc.com.

Product Personalization

We’ve come far in our little digital world, things like customization and personalization are much simpler to offer on a large scale. Additionally, offering the option of personalization to your customers only encourages loyalty, recommendations, and subscriptions.

So, if you have the option, why wouldn’t you extend this to them?

Omnichannel Marketing

One channel isn’t enough. If you want to stay on top of your CPG game, you need to acknowledge that both, physical stores and online stores have their place in the life of an average consumer.

It just so happens that the line between the two has blurred. An integrated shopping experience is one that is most likely to get you ahead.

Keeping Up With the Latest CPG Industry Trends

Putting the emphasis on delivery services, cause-driven marketing, subscription services, personalization, and integrated marketing are a few of the biggest trends for the CPG industry in 2021. However, there’s still a lot more that could change.

Make sure you’re investing in research, studies, and doing your fair share of reading to stay ahead of your competitors.

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