5 couple things to do in Singapore for a romantic honeymoon

If you think Singapore isn’t a destination for people in love, you are greatly mistaken. It might not seem to be the honeymoon capital of the country but it definitely draws several thousand couples from all over the world. The sheer variety of experiences available for visitors is astounding. The following list will help you make your Singapore trip itinerary more thrilling and obviously more romantic:

  1. Picnic tour at gardens by the bay:

A sweet romantic picnic sometimes impacts your significant other much better than an extravagant gesture. Bring some picnic food and a nice bottle of wine and spend the day at the park. Basking in the sun and maybe reading a good book while marveling at the quintessential Singaporean sunset?

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2. A tour on the boat at the Singapore river cruise:

This hands you two options. You can either go for a ride during the daytime. But it is recommended by several couples that you take this boat ride at night. You will witness the enthralling beauty of the laser show and feel the cool breeze on the river. It is a perfect romantic evening with your partner and a perfect place for exotic honeymoon photos.

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3. Romantic dinner in the sky:

This experience is every bit as magical as it sounds. You can take your partner on a dinner date in a cable car. Can you imagine being with a loved one and feel like you’re on top of the world? You get to do it both physically and metaphorically. The cabin takes off from mountain situated 328 feet above sea level called Mount Faber. 

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4. A perfect blend of romance with art at the national gallery:

You can revisit your days of courtship when you traveled to further corners of the city, looking at art and paintings inside galleries and museums. Take romantic strolls through the hallways and look at paintings from days gone by. The premises boast of restaurants serving exotic food and shops that have the perfect souvenirs for your time in Singapore.

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5. Safari at night:

The nocturnal zoo in Singapore is perfect for a romantic night out. Look at majestic animals on the safari at the wee hours of the night. This can also be a great way to relax and have fun if you are on a tight budget.

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Singapore is a melting pot of wild experiences and urban wonders. Remember these activities the next time you plan a romantic vacation or during a long romantic Singapore honeymoon package with Pickyourtrail & make merry.