5 Cool Design Ideas for the Modern Home

While we all like to follow trends and fashions, it is nice to create something unique, especially when it comes to home décor. There are so many materials that you can use to create a stunning interior feature and there’s no reason you can’t add something to the outside of your home for stunning visual effects. Here are a few ideas to give you some design inspiration.

  1. Color Cement – A Portland cement product that offers stunning colors and amazing texture options, check out this microban paint at SeeJorakay, which simply ticks all the boxes. The coating bonds very well and never peels, cracks or fades and you can expect at least 15-20 years as an exterior coating. There are finish choices, with natural color, heritage color and, of course, textured finish and if you would like to view a range of stunning images of interiors that use color cement coating, Google Images is your best friend.
  2. Glass & Stainless Steel – Smoked glass and stainless steel is perfect for the futuristic home, with perhaps polished concrete floors or walls (search online for inspiration). Polished concrete is extremely durable and as for colors, you are not limited in any way. Perhaps a light shade of grey or a dull silver would be appropriate and with professional application, you will have a stunning interior that is in keeping with your concept.
  3. Glass – State of the art glass can be used in many ways, both inside and out. We’ve all seen those wonderful old stained glass windows; there are still glaziers that practice the art of staining glass and creating stunning features. Glass balustrades are a great way to protect staircases and balconies and kitchen and bathroom splashbacks are also available. Glass dining tables are all the rage and fit nicely in a modern setting and if you are thinking of adding a pool, glass is ideal for the pool fencing. Click here for an article about unique furniture.
  4. Monochrome – Black and white go together like bread and butter and if you fancy an Art Deco setting, monochrome is the perfect solution. A touch of deep red and a hint of yellow and you have striking interior that is very easy on the eye. White textured walls and black and white floor tiles and black furniture makes for an ideal Art Deco environment and you can add a splash of color with the blinds.
  5. LED Lighting – There’s almost no limit to what you can achieve with LED lighting, with strips that can be attached under window ledges and even draped from trees for a Christmassy effect. Floor level lighting is super chic and this type of lighting is very energy efficient, ideal for the eco-friendly home and color options are indeed many.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information on home décor and a couple of hours Googling will surely give you a few ideas on how to create unique features in your home.