5 Considerations to Choose the Right MSP for Residential Services

The arrival of IoT technology has transformed modern homes. The IoT devices have become the foundation of home security, and the attack surfaces have increased. Today homes have more than one AOL dial-up account to manage all interconnected devices. It would not be wrong to say modern homes are equivalent to small businesses which need managed service providers. 

As per 2020 population data, Washington DC has a population of 5,322,000.  If you compare it with 2019 data, there has been a 1.1% increase in the population. The use of IoT devices is expected to rise in Washington DC homes. The state has passed the “IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020,” which has become law.  

If you have smart devices at home, there is always a risk of cyber-attack, and you need to consider hiring managed IT services Washington DC. Here are some considerations to choose the right MSP for residential services. 

  1. Provide Best-In-Class Technology 

Not many homeowners think their homes need patch management and vulnerability management plans. According to security experts, every device connected to the Internet can be hacked, including your security systems. No device is fully protected from cyber-attack.

  1. Remote Monitoring 

The managed service provider monitors your IT infrastructure 24×7 and scans for vulnerabilities. The agency also prepares a patch management plan to plug in security loopholes in your IoT devices. 

The managed IT services Washington DC have a whole team of IT professionals who can help maintain highly secured networks and maintain peak performance of all IoT devices in your home.  The goal of the MSP is to fix every problem as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

  1. 24×7 Desk Support

The “IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020″ focuses on identity management to secure devices. The law states if you cannot trust a device, how can you trust data coming through it. Since every IoT device is always connected to the Internet, its identity should be authenticated throughout its lifetime.

The house owners using IoT devices at homes are not cybersecurity experts, and it is hard for them to fulfill the conditions laid down for IoT devices by the law. Besides, IoT devices have complicated systems, and you need professionals to diagnose any issue with its functioning. 

  1. Automated Analytics Reporting

IoT devices can be comprised, and they can be used as tools by hackers to get control of your residential network. The managed service provider should offer automatic analytics reporting to allow the security to detect any problem with the home’s smart devices.

The MSP should offer a remote monitoring service that enables you to track and resolve any problems without visiting your home. 

  1. Help Meet Compliance With IoT Standards

There are a lot of IoT devices available in the market with varied security features. Suppose you live in Washington DC and intend to install IoT devices at home. In that case, you need to purchase devices that meet minimum security standards as per the “IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020.”

The managed service provider should help you select the right IoT devices to meet the compliance laid down by the state authorities. Though the federal security bill is specifically targeted at commercial and government spaces, it also infiltrates the consumer device market. 

To sum up, a managed service provider has become a necessity due to the rise in cyber-attacks. The tips shared in the post helps you focus on essential aspects while choosing an MSP for residential service.