5 Compelling Reasons to Survey your Customers

Information you collect from your customers can play a pivotal role in helping your brand generate high sales and remaining competitive. Customer surveys allow you to make customer-centric business decisions to optimize the performance of your organization in strategic ways. 

Your customers will have the most useful and relevant information regarding where your products/services and customer service is lacking. They will be able to give inputs on what’s wrong with your organization and what you can do to improve. We will take a look at the different reasons why all organizations should survey their customers and understand the various ways in which surveys can benefit them. 

5 Compelling Reasons to Survey your Customers

Let’s go over five compelling reasons as to why you must survey your customers using an omnichannel survey software.

To Foster Brand Loyalty

Likely due to the increase in options customers have, brand loyalty has been decreasing over time. Customer loyalty is not like before. A lot has changed. Especially the younger generation that is constantly looking for better alternatives to the brands they purchase from. 

A study conducted by Daymon Worldwide polled a total of 7000 people, comprising millennials and Generation Xers across 14 different countries. The study found that 29% of millennials state that they buy the same brand and 26% state they are more likely to buy whichever brand they feel like at the time of purchasing/choosing. As millennials are going to make up a huge chunk of brands’ target audience for the coming decades, it is vital that brands take measures to foster loyalty amongst this group.  

For this reason, brands should use different surveys to measure brand loyalty using a market research software as this is the first step in identifying how customers feel about your brand and how loyalty can be improved. 

To Understand What Matters Most

Market research can help a company develop a comprehensive understanding of what customers value most. By having an understanding of what customers value most, brands can make customer-centric business decisions to tailor their products and marketing strategies to catch the attention of their target audience more effectively. 

Conjoint analysis surveys are one of the most powerful tools that businesses can use to understand what matters most to customers. There are different kinds of conjoint analysis, each serving a slightly different purpose. This method of analysis is most commonly used to discern an optimum price for a product/service, as well as in the product development stage to determine which attributes to include in a product. 

To Improve Customer Experience

Customers have access to more and more options as the days go by. Competition is higher than ever and even one bad customer experience can lead a customer to switch to another brand. Therefore, customer experience is more influential than it’s ever been and brands must focus on creating a seamless customer experience that meets their customers’ expectations. 

Brands can do so by running different customer experience surveys at different touchpoints of the customer journey to identify whether CX is meeting customer expectations or not. The surveys conducted using an efficient online survey software can even be used to obtain information on how CX can be improved. Once brands are aware of where they stand and what they can do to improve, they can take all the measures necessary to create a seamless customer experience from the start to the end of the customer journey. 

To Develop more Effective Brand-to-Consumer Communication

Effective brand-to-customer communication is pivotal not only for acquiring new customers but also for building long-lasting and strong relationships with existing customers. Effective communication involves sending the right messaging, at the right time, through the right channel. To understand what is ‘right’ in regard to your target audience, you must conduct market research and deploy different surveys that will help you better understand your target audience. 

An effective way to acquire actionable insights from your customers is by creating compelling surveys. Your surveys should include open endings; a direct message from your organization that directly addresses your customer’s unique pain point or desires. 

To Understand Habitual Buying Behavior  

Customer surveys can be used to develop an understanding of customers’ buying habits. Consumer buying behaviour refers to the various actions taken by consumers before they buy a product or service, whether these actions are taken through digital or non-digital modes. 

Having an understanding of consumer buying behavior is very important as it gives marketers an idea of consumer expectations. It helps them understand what makes a consumer buy a product so that they can make more effective decisions regarding how to present their products in a way that will generate the most sales.  Read More