5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Maintenance for Factories

If you run a factory or industrial plant, you’ll need to handle the repair and maintenance that will serve you. When you master things like creating an equipment repair schedule or providing training for employees, your business will be better for it. 

What steps should you start with? Perhaps most importantly, what actions should you avoid?

Keep reading to learn all about maintenance for factories and what mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Being Reactive, Rather Than Proactive

You can’t set it and forget it when it comes to your factory maintenance and repair.

If you are always waiting for problems to respond to, you won’t know what’s going on with your industrial equipment. Preventative maintenance is best and often cheaper than dealing with an industrial breakdown.

Sometimes, being proactive means purchasing new equipment rather than running your current setup into the ground. You can buy some of the best equipment on the market when you visit sites like:


Make sure that you’re also proactive about any rentals that you invest in. You can pair your crane rentals with a maintenance program that will keep the machinery in great shape. 

2. Failing to Keep Up With the Fluids

The way that you handle your industrial fluids will dictate a lot about the service that you get. If your factory machinery is always running dry, and never has the oil and fluid that it needs, breakdowns are inevitable. 

You should also get the quality of the fluid checked so that you don’t use fluid that is burned out or dealing with other problems. 

3. Not Keeping Logs and Data

Make sure that you manage your maintenance and repair logs. When you keep tabs on every piece of work that goes into your factory, you will be better able to make the correct decisions. 

Today, you can even use artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to learn more about your equipment and what work it requires. Failing to keep repair logs will hurt your factory just like failing to keep a medical history can hurt a person’s health. 

4. Neglecting Training and Safety Measures

Everyone in your factory needs to be properly trained. In addition to professional training, keep everyone up to date with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. This helps you to maintain a safe workplace, in which injury risk and liabilities are low. 

Always keep your factory building up to code as well, and make changes that protect the lives of everyone in the building. 

5. Forgetting About Inspections

Finally, inspections will help you make changes to your equipment before it becomes an issue. In addition to an annual overall inspection, you’ll typically need to get ongoing inspections to keep your machinery in the best shape. 

Neglecting these inspections will always keep you behind the eight-ball with your factory maintenance. 

Handle Your Maintenance for Factories

Getting the right maintenance for factories will help you keep your business in great shape. Be sure to hire repair professionals that can assist you with every step. 

Come back when you need more business and industrial advice.