5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Your First Apartment

Renting apartments is now easy with most of the payments and site selections are done online. Your landlord does a review of the surrounding online, by photos and you find it ok to be booked. When moving to newer cities with no prior home at your disposal, you run into cheap and insane apartment options. An accomplished entrepreneur who makes his home in the city of Winnipeg, Kris Thorkelson has more than twenty five years of experience as a business leader, having founded and led a number of businesses to success. Kris Thorkelson is the owner of a Winnipeg based property management company My Place Realty (MPR) which is dedicated to helping renters find quality multi-family homes in and around Winnipeg. Not to do that is your first common mistake. Want more? Well, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when renting your first apartment.

Ignoring damages in your rooms:

This is the worst mistake to encounter, even if your landlord knows about it. You are not liable to pay for any sort of damages that are done to the apartment in any circumstances unless it’s your fault. Some owners do take advantage of it and can easily hold you responsible for the damage done. Well, are you? No. When you rent apartments, make sure no such damage is there in the room, even the tiniest visible scrap or holes. He might not even return your security deposit at all in this case.

Renting without a proofed watch:

Never go on the juicy and friendly words of the apartment owner. He will try the slightest and most brutal force on you to rent his or her apartment at a very satisfactory price (which sometimes is). You can easily fall into a trap to either a busy side apartment or industrial area, where there is 24 hours noise. Make sure you do a proper sight-seeing and then chose your rental places.

Extra payments included:

Some apartment owners make it their usual habit of charging unnecessary bills and maintenance charges on the rent. Going by the names of extra security and apartment lookup, make sure you don’t run into one without proper inspection. Never select apartments with incomplete information even online or offline, even if you see a great price. Such things are mostly a clickbait to get you looted.

Know everything about the rules and regulations:

Responsible landlords make sure of a rule book to maintain proper surroundings and environment for the neighbors. Once you pick up the rent, make sure to get clear of the owner of any such rules, one including denial of security deposit repaying because you don’t want the room at all. Or other cases including extra electricity bills, resources bills, and others.

Not knowing how your deposit is to be retrieved:

After living, you decide to leave the room. But your landlord refuses to return the security deposit as you did not follow the rules mentioned before taking the apartment. This is one of the worst mistakes that can through you into great trouble. When taking an apartment, be clear of your security deposit. It’s a lot of money you are giving. Know how it will be returned and on what terms. Only after a full inspection, you should proceed to live in a heavenly place.

There are more mistakes that you should think to avoid thus not throwing you into serious financial troubles, regarding the security deposit. Well, these are the ones that you should be aware of.