5 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes to Avoid for Lawyers

Are you a law firm that’s looking to push your brand out to your target market? Do you want to learn about the different ways to find qualified clients for your practice? If so, then you need to learn about how to build an online marketing strategy.

One of the best places to start your online marketing is with Facebook, a place where many law firms go to target their ideal clientele.

However, there are many Facebook advertising mistakes that you can’t afford to make. See below for several key errors to avoid when building your new Facebook advertising strategy.

1. Not Studying Beforehand

You wouldn’t go into court to represent a client without a stack of evidence to support your claims. The same thing applies to build a Facebook advertising strategy. Rather than using a sink or swim approach, take the time to learn.

Law firm Facebook marketing always rewards the diligent and well-prepared. If you research proper tactics, you can target more ideal clients and get at least 50-percent of them to take action.

Before you begin your social media marketing, take the time to create buyer personas for your clientele.

What is their age range? What do they do for a living? Which social media outlets do they use the most? What are the pain points they have that you can help them with? Answering these questions will give you an in-depth guide on how to approach Facebook marketing.

2. Not Filling Out Your Page to Its Entirety

Your brand page is not a pile of fun facts. It’s filled with all the essential information that can help customers connect with your firm. 

Many law firms make the mistake of not filling out the different fields of information on their page. This could be things like your address, hours of operation, photos, website URL, branch locations, and so on.

If your page doesn’t have a piece of info that a prospect is looking for, they’ll never return to your page again. You don’t want to miss out on incoming leads just because your page is missing vital information that the client wanted.

Drop everything you’re doing and fill out the page info to its entirety. Make sure all the information is saved and check for typos before moving on.

3. Only Pushing Your Content

Have you ever unfollowed someone because all they do is post about themselves and nothing else? This is the vibe your prospects and clients get from a law firm that only pushes their content on their social media accounts.

Make no mistake, it’s important to push your content, but there is a balance that needs to be struck. Try mixing things up every once in a while by pushing other people’s content on your site.

This will give clients the impression that your law firm is more interested in helping them than making money. If you only push your articles and services, it gives off the impression that you’re only on Facebook to sell.

For example, if your firm specialized in divorce then you could write a Facebook post directing your followers to an article about coping with separation.

You should also consider writing more guest posts for other sites. Then you can share that to your Facebook followers to market your content, their website, and build backlinking for your online presence!

4. Not Interacting With Your Followers

Far too many law firms make the mistake of building a social media account, posting on it, but never interacting with their followers.

If your firm is doing this, it gives off the impression that you’re only on Facebook because it’s a necessary evil. That’s not the vibe you want to send out to the world.

People are following you for a reason. They’re interested in what you have to say. They have a need for your service, whether they realize it yet or not. 

However, even if they are in desperate need of your representation, they only want to work with law firms they feel they know on a personal level. You build that relationship by interacting with your followers as much as possible.

Always prioritize responding to comments as quickly as possible. If someone posts a question on your wall, be sure to respond to them with an answer and a link to your site that can help them learn more. This creates connection and action for your clientele.

5. Buying Likes and Followers

Facebook is great for many things, but the number of likes and followers that you have are the means to an end. You won’t get more traction for paying for more followers. People don’t choose their law firm by the number of likes they get on their posts.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have a way for you to purchase followers within your target market. So you’d just be paying for followers that serve no purpose.

Instead, embrace the grind of getting more followers for your Facebook account. Promote your Facebook page on your website and other social media accounts. Place it on your collateral and information packets.

As long as you commit yourself to grow your Facebook marketing plan, you’ll have a plethora of followers within your target audience in no time! 

Avoid These Costly Facebook Advertising Mistakes At All Costs

Now that you’ve seen several key Facebook advertising mistakes to avoid for your law firm, it’s time for you to start putting a plan in place.

Since you know the mistakes to not make, you can start building an actionable plan by doing the opposite of those errors. Think of ways to interact with clients, find new content to push on your page, focus on growing your following organically.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on Facebook marketing, as well as many other topics that you’ll find helpful!