5 Common Dental Crown Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

A smile is the first thing that people notice about you. A visibly broken or chipped tooth will most likely stand out more than you think. To cover up this dental flaw, you may be looking into what your options are.


If you are considering getting dental crowns, certain decisions can hinder your progress with them. Here are dental crown mistakes to avoid for new users.


1. Going for the Cheapest Option; The First of Dental Crown Mistakes


Dental work is something you should never pick the cheapest option for. When it comes to a dental crown, this is especially true. Although the cost of dental crowns isn’t usually cheap, you’ll want to pay more attention to the dentist’s skills versus the price.


Dental crowns require a certain amount of finesse by the dentist. They will need to properly size, colour match, and structure the crown to your remaining teeth. Not doing so properly leads to a noticeable difference and will stick out just as much as a broken tooth.


2. Not Choosing a Specialist


Because dental crowns need a finer hand, you will want to visit a specialist to do one for you. Dental crown procedures require a lot of skill and knowledge in order for them to be successful and of course for you to be happy with the results.


Specialist will know how to do a dental crown the right way so that you don’t have to spend countless hours in the dentist’s chair and money on repairs down the road. A crown should last you a long long time with proper care.


3. Ignoring Dentist Instructions


Another dental crown mistake to avoid is not taking the dentist’s instructions to heart. Be sure to pay attention to each and every detail the dentist gives you so you don’t end up with an emergency appointment with a broken crown.


The dentist will provide you with a list of items to avoid eating/drinking, and how to properly care for your new crown. They may even recommend a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.


4. Not Flossing Properly, or Not Flossing At All


The old method of flossing goes out of the window after a crown. It’s time to learn a new flossing routine. If you haven’t been flossing, it’s imperative you start doing so immediately.


You will need to be gentle with your new crown and not yank the floss out of your teeth like you’ve been taught when you were little. Avoid aggressively running the floss through your teeth and take a gentler approach.


Gum health is important when it comes to a crown as your gums can reject the dental implant and cause it to fall out. This is why you really need to floss!


5. Not Addressing Teeth Grinding & Jaw Clenching


The final dental crown mistake is for those of you who grind your teeth or clench your jaw. The pressure from clenching and the friction from grinding can wear down and crack your crown. Landing you in the dentist’s chair once again for another redo of the procedure you just had done.


Don’t Make These Dental Implant Mistakes


No one likes trips to the dentist as it is. Avoiding making these common dental crown mistakes will make sure you don’t need to visit the dentist more than you need to. Follow your aftercare instructions, and take good care of your new crown and you will have that perfect smile for a long time.


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