5 Common Causes of Heart Problems in Children

Heart is the muscle that helps to pump oxygen-rich blood in our body. Heart failure might occur when the organ is not functioning at its best ability. This might further lead to blood and fluid back up in your child’s lungs. 

Heart conditions are rarely  found in children, but it is not uncommon. Are you noticing symptoms of any major heart disease in your child? It is strongly advised that you consult with the best heart hospital in Delhi in order to resolve your dilemma. But before that, you must learn about the top causes of heart diseases in children along with symptoms and treatment options. 

  1. High Blood Pressure

It is a serious condition among children and often goes unnoticed due to a lack of symptoms. High blood pressure isn’t a congenital disease but it often has a hereditary link. Children born into families with a history of hypertension must be provided special care. Usually, secondary hypertension is prevalent in children and it occurs as a result of another disease related to heart, kidney, or other organs. 

  1. Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are rare among children but the fatty plaque buildup usually starts from childhood and progresses gradually into adulthood. The disease is called atherosclerosis in medical terms and often leads to heart diseases. Children with a family history of high cholesterol levels are at risk of developing the same. High blood pressure and smoking can also increase the risk of high cholesterol levels.

  1. Smoking

Several children become adventurous in high school and develop the habit of smoking. Around 9 out of 10 people start smoking before becoming 18. Smoking can contribute to the development of various heart diseases along with peripheral vascular disease. 

  1. Obesity

Obesity is a huge concern for causing heart diseases in children. Controlling obesity in children might be a little difficult. Once they gain a healthy weight, children are likely to get back to their old habits leading to obesity in the first place. Consult your doctor and work together to make the weight loss goals for your children more attainable. 

  1. Physical Inactivity

Nowadays, children have schedules packed with school, coaching classes, and extracurriculars. Staying physically active by playing with other kids is off the radar for most children. Physical inactivity is a major trigger for heart diseases because it can contribute to high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and several other health issues. 

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Children 

Symptoms of heart problems vary from one kid to another. However, the most common symptoms visible in children are as follows :

  • Swelling of the feet, lower leg, belly, neck vein and liver
  • Poor feeding and weight gain for infants
  • Feeling tired and exhausted all the time 
  • Trouble in breathing, especially while activities that include Rapid breathing, excessive coughing, and wheezing 
  • Irritability 
  • Excessive sweating while playing, feeding and exercising 
  • Your child might also experience a certain amount of chest pain 
  • Passing out 

Treatment for heart problems in Children

The treatment procedure for your child will depend on the symptoms, age and overall health of your child. It will also be strictly based on the condition your child is suffering from.

The best heart hospital in Delhi can prescribe one of the following treatment for pediatric heart issues: 

  • Beta-blockers 

Beta-blockers help in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. These medicines also make it easier for your child’s heart to pump blood to the rest of the organs in the body.

  • Pacemaker

Several children with heart problems require artificial pacemakers. The device is useful for controlling abnormal heart rhythm in kids. 

  •  Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Cardiac resynchronization therapy requires a special kind of pacemaker. This treatment is used for children who suffer from long-term heart problems.

  •  Heart Transplant 

This is a surgical procedure where the doctor removes and replaces the diseased heart of a child with a healthy donor’s heart. 

  • Mechanical Support Device 

Children facing serious long-term heart problems may require help and assistance from medical support devices. If your child is on the transplant list, your child may use the assistance of a mechanical support device while they are waiting. 

To Sum It Up

Is a child suffering from any heart problem? As a parent, this can be one of the most stressful news you and your family can endure. BLK-MAX hospital specializes in providing excellent care and solutions for pediatric heart problems. We have a few of the best cardiologists in the state. Book an appointment and receive a consultation for your child’s heart problem today.

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