5 Common Acer Laptop Problems

Not all laptop brands are made the same. There is no such thing as a perfect laptop brand. (Note: most Mac loyalists would disagree with that statement.) Each manufacturer has its common problems resulting from its parts, assembly methods, and configuration.

We beforehand examined the basic reasons for HP’s workstation repair. Much the same as HP, Acer PCs have certain issues that tend to influence them, bringing about the requirement for workstation repairs. Knowing the most common issues can help you when purchasing a laptop.

Also, knowing these common problems can help you understand what is going on if our laptop is malfunctioning. If your laptop is running slow, be sure to follow appvalley these steps to speed up your computer before you blame the computer brand. Sometimes it is better to buy new laptop for the same money that you would spend on a laptop repair. Below are some of the common issues associated with ACER laptop and how to handle them.

Stretched Images on Widescreen Acer Laptop

USB Port Failure

Sometimes, the USB ports on the ACER laptop fail to work. You can try to remedy the issue by reinstalling the drivers. However, if this does not work then you will need to take it to an expert for laptop repair.

Computer Motherboard Failure

If your ACER laptop will not turn on and it is not because the battery is dead, then you may have a failing motherboard. If this happens and the warranty is expired, you will need to have your laptop repaired by a professional. However, before you take it to get fixed, you will want to make sure that the battery is charged and is capable of keeping a charge. You don’t want to have to pay for computer repairs only to find out that all you need is a new battery.

Black Laptop Screen

A few clients of ACER PCs have announced getting a dark screen on their PC. This is typically caused by a copied our LCD backdrop illumination. This is a simple fix. Nonetheless, a few clients botch a dark screen from a copied out LCD backdrop illumination for an issue caused by an infection. You can check regardless of whether it is a backdrop illumination issue by squeezing the Fn and the F6 catches in the meantime. This order kills the backdrop illumination on and. Some time using chairs to operating laptops that will harmful to our body but using purple mattress discount codes you will feel very comfortable & relaible.

HDD Issues

The HDD is the Hard Disk Drive. Some ACER laptop has been known to have hard disk drives that fail to find the disc. The click of death, as some call it, is another issue with the HDD. This is common with some of the newer models where the drive makes a lot of clicking sounds because it cannot keep the correct speed with the disc. The solution for either of these problems is replacing the HDD.


Not every ACER laptop will have operational issues. However, these are some of the most common problems users encounter. You should always consider the history of challenges when considering a laptop purchase. On the off chance that you purchase an ACER PC and experience these issues, at that point attempt a portion of the fixes incorporated into this article iosemus. On the off chance that they don’t work, at that point make certain to have a PC repair professional enable you to rectify the issue.