5 circumstances when you need a Virginia workers’ compensation attorney

Suffering injuries at work could be a traumatic experience for anyone. Virginia laws make it mandatory for employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which is a no-fault system. As long as you inform your employer in time and raise a claim, you can get the compensation that will cover your medical bills and other losses. The question is whether you need to lawyer up for your claim. Below are five critical circumstances when you need a Virginia workers’ compensation attorney

  1. Your injuries are severe. If you have sustained permanent injuries or will impact your ability to earn in the future, you may want to get an attorney at the earliest. Your claim is likely to be one of the more expensive ones that will be handled by the insurance company, and the claims adjuster will try tactics to deny or delay your claim. Get an attorney to negotiate for you. 
  2. Your claim has been denied. If the employer’s insurance company has already denied your workers’ compensation claim, you have to lawyer up. It takes a while you request a hearing and fight the legal battle ahead, and insurance companies have vast legal and financial resources at their disposal. You wouldn’t want to settle for less.
  3. You don’t know the worth of your claim. If you are unsure what your workers’ compensation claim is worth, you should hire an attorney. Keep in mind that the worth of your claim is dependent on several factors, including your injuries, and you need a lawyer to know what you should seek in compensation. 
  4. You had pre-existing conditions. You can only claim workers’ compensation benefits when your injuries are related to the work you do. In other words, if you had pre-existing injuries, this can largely impact what you get in a settlement because the insurance company will claim that your conditions have not resulted directly from a work-related injury. Get an attorney to protect your rights. 
  5. You are unlikely to return to work. Some injuries can cause permanent damage and prevent you from getting back to work altogether. If that’s the case with you, or your injuries are such that you would need multiple surgeries, you should talk to an attorney. Don’t delay calling a lawyer because you have to start working on the case immediately. 

Shortlist a few workers’ compensation lawyers near you right now to know more, and don’t forget to discuss the worth of your claim.