5 Challenges Faced By Job Seekers In 2019

With automation looming large and companies looking to enter more and more niche areas, the nature of the jobs market is constantly evolving, according to premier interior design firm Tilottoma.

  • Software engineer in New York, USA
  • Financial analyst in London, UK
  • Interior designer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

All handsomely rewarding and full-time jobs.

You know what else is a full-time job? Looking for a job itself.

Gone are the days when a simple commitment to work hard and be honest could land you a job. From policymakers to job seekers – everybody is aware of the evolving nature of the jobs markets and how finding a job is becoming more and more difficult.

Being an office interior design firm in Dhaka, Tilottoma gets resumes and job enquiries every day.

Based on our experience, we found that the 5 most difficult challenges faced by job seekers in 2019 are

Lack of relevant skills

The world is evolving fast, much faster than ever before in human history.

While you may have a degree in your field, the skills you gained in college will keep losing importance and relevance in the jobs market.

You need to keep developing your skills – ‘upskilling’ – simultaneously with your job hunting.

Look to the real world industry for guidance.

For example, if you’re a budding interior designer, visit the services page of an interior design firm. Visit their social media accounts and see what kind of services they’re trying to feature prominently.

And skill yourself accordingly.

No, it doesn’t stop there. It’s not enough if you upskill, you need to let others know that you’ve done so.

So, you should always try to get some certification in whatever skills you’re learning and keep updating your resume with those.

Lack of experience

With companies branching out into more and more niche corners of their respective industries, work experience is becoming more and more critical in landing that highly sought interview.

There may well be ways to compensate for a lack of work experience, but you’d be well-advised to not depend completely on such strategies.

Try to get internship opportunities as much as possible, even if it means your finances remain weak for some time.

The value you gain by beefing up your work experience vastly outweighs any negative effects from the fact that internships don’t pay as well as regular jobs (that is, if they pay anything at all).

Companies with a strong sense of social responsibility can help here by opening up internship opportunities as frequently as possible.

Identifying the right career

It’s not for nothing that blogs on how to choose the perfect career are so popular.

A big hindrance in your job seeking might be that you’re not looking for the right job.

Nowadays, more than ever, what matters in a job search is your passion. What you love doing.

For example, you might have a degree in financial management but your passion might lie in designing efficient and gorgeous places to live and work in (in other words, your passion lies in interior design).

And this unique situation – looking for a job in one field while your heart lies in a different field – could be harming your job prospects.

So, look deep within and take an informed decision as to whether you’re looking for the job you really want.

Having to deal with ATS’s

What is an ATS?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System.

Like I mentioned earlier, Tilottoma receives resumes and job enquiries more or less regularly. This is the situation at almost every company.

HR managers are almost always under pressure to deal with the large volume of applications. That is why they depend on online systems – Application Tracking Systems – to run an initial check on applications.

Anywhere between 75% to 90% of applications could get eliminated by the ATS.

So, what can you do to avoid that?

  • Ensure every degree and skill is mentioned clearly in your resume
  • Include some ‘keywords’ (important phrases used by the company in its job descriptions) in your resume
  • Try to run your resume through a free ATS service online to weed out errors before you hand it in

Not customizing your resume

This is a natural follow-on from the Application Tracking System.

Like I said, companies more and more are looking for candidates with real passion at what they do.

And the first sign of a passion is having a resume that is a real response to the job description put out by the particular company.

If you just have a generic resume which you send to each company, no matter how many buzzwords you stuff it with; there’s a strong chance it’ll be rejected.

So, customize your resume to fit the job description and then send it in.

To sum up, the 5 most critical challenges faced by job seekers in 2019 are

  • Lack of relevant skills
  • Lack of experience
  • Identifying the right career
  • Dealing with Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Not customizing their resumes

And, finally, while the old wisdom of just being honest and industrious no longer works, the other wisdom of remaining confident and never giving up are also important and can see you through one of the most stressful parts of your career – landing that job.

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