5 Car Camping Essentials You Must Carry to the Campsite

The weekdays are hectic for most people and they need some fun in the weekend. Car Camping is a great idea to enjoy the weekend with your family or old friends. Do carry a battery powered microwave for car camping to fulfill your cooking needs there.

You can go for car camping for one day or two days but you must plan it first and get all camping essentials. There are many camping sites in the west coast and other parts of US. You should check different sites and choose the one that you like the most.

Tent Camping v/s Car Camping

You need to choose between tent camping and car camping before you start the preparation. In tent camping, you are going to a camping site, set up a tent and stay in the tent during all camping days. On the other hand, you are going to stay inside your car if you are going on car camping.

In car camping, you need to convert your car into a camping tent or house. With a spacious big car, you can plan a better car camping trip and enjoy more.

5 Car Camping Essentials You Must Carry to the Campsite

The car camping essentials contain the most important things you need during camping time. It is obvious that you need things for your basic necessities such as sleeping bags, mattresses, paper towels, camp chairs, a tent, a portable mini microwave, a portable toilet and other stuff.

Here I provide the list of 5 car camping essentials that must carry in your next camping trip.

#1. Sleeping Essentials

When you go to car camping you are going to sleep inside the car. No matter how comfortable the car seats are, you can sleep better in a bed. So, you need to carry some sleeping bags and blankets. In addition, you should carry several inflatable mattresses and pillows to use them for sleeping comfortably during camping nights.

You should carry extra blankets and warm clothes if it is winter. Make sure that there is enough space to sleep for everyone inside the car otherwise carry a tent. You can set up the tent nearby the car so that some people can sleep in the tent and others in the car.

#2. Cooking Essentials

You should carry enough food and cooking equipment for your whole camping trip. Many people recommend a stove but I personally prefer a battery powered microwave that works in any car with a 12V lighter port. It does not take up much power, so it will not drain your car battery.

You can cook or heat up your food anytime in your car. You should also carry some paper plates and bowls serve the food to everyone in your camping group. In addition, you should carry some glass made cookware that are safe to put in the microwave.

Do carry enough water as you will need it for everything you do the camping site. You will need water for drinking, cooking food, washing hands, cleaning cookware stuff and for using the toilet as well. You can also find a place nearby your camp site where you can get water during your camping days.

It is recommended to carry a fire safety kit to deal with fire hazards at the camping site. The chances of fire are rare but you must have the fire safety kit to control the fire and prevent it from burning things inside or outside the car.

#3. Bathing & Toilet Essentials

You should get some paper towels and toilet papers for using them in camping. In addition, you will need some bathing soaps, shampoo, sunscreen cream (for summer), moisturizer cream (for winter) and other bathing essentials.

You must carry a portable toilet that everyone can use in camping. You should also use some feces storage bags for temporary storage of feces and dispose it off at a safe place after your camping is over.

You should never leave the liquid waste (urine) or solid waste (feces) anywhere near the campsite. It is neither allowed nor safe for the environment. You can do some online research to know where you can dispose the human waste nearby your camping location.

#4. Health Essentials

Wherever you go for camping, you should always have the first aid kit with yourself. Anyone can get a small injury or meet an accident will need the first aid. Therefore the first thing in health essentials for car camping is the first aid kit that you should carry in your car.

Some people are allergic to dust, while others cannot tolerate cool wind or weather. It is better to carry medicines for cold, cough, fever, diarrhea and other common health issues that can occur at the camping site. If you have a baby or toddler in camping, you must have a separate medicine bag for the child prescribed by a pediatrician.

There are more chances of bug bites on camping sites. The bug bite kit includes some creams and other things to help you deal with it during camping days. You should also have a mosquito net or some liquid vaporizer to save yourself from mosquito bites as well.

#5. Cleaning Essentials

The cleaning essentials include a sanitizer bottle, a hand-wash bottle, a broom or a portable vacuum cleaner and other things. You must clean your car from inside every morning during camping days. You can use a damp cloth with a cleaner liquid to remove stains and use the portable vacuum cleaner to remove the dust & dirt.

Everyone in the camping should use the sanitizer several times a day. It is not just a covid-19 thing, it is useful to keep your hands bacteria-free. So, you will not get any bacterial infection if you touch your face after sanitizing your hands. Do wash your hands with the hand-wash before and after every meal.

If you keep yourself, your car and the camping site clean, you will have a healthy camping experience with your loved ones.


Car Camping is more comfortable for people as they feel like home inside their car. You should check the camping essentials above and do carry them to make your camping more enjoyable & memorable.

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