5 Business Tips With Added Value For Your Company

1. You are not alone

Fortunately, you are not the last retailer to fight against big business and online retail. Harness the power of group dynamics and see where there is an opportunity to partner with other retailers for mutual support.

Is there perhaps a neighborhood network in which retailers in your area can exchange ideas and organize themselves? Have you already registered on various websites that promote small and medium-sized businesses?

There are also a number of groups in social networks such as Facebook that support retailers and give each other tips for successful small business on corporate management in forums. Apart from that, you can of course also take the initiative yourself and build a network by approaching the small businesses in your area or your industry.

2. Successful PR Doesn’t Need a Big Budget

One of the greatest advantages of the internet: we become independent! To have a voice, you no longer need a mouthpiece like the newspaper, television, or radio. Your way to address customers worldwide is via the Internet and mostly free of charge. Use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Co. to draw attention to yourself. Create pages about your company, place advertisements, or post articles on social media to introduce yourself to your potential customers.

Interact with your customers and also receive valuable feedback. Are more easily found in search engines.

In addition, you can of course also draw attention to yourself from your point of view. Get creative with the shop window design or organize a small event for your company. For example, through a day of action, a charity event, live music, or a great competition. Let them report on you. Almost every district or neighborhood also has a local paper. Or maybe you can even make it into the bigger media with a great campaign.

Commitment certainly pays off. You will at least reach the people on the street and in the immediate vicinity and if you win new customers, then your effort has already been a success!

You can see how you can effectively attract the attention of customers in our Till hub TV video: 

3. Show Your Customers Why Retail is Worthwhile!

Even if it doesn’t seem like that at first, there is at least one point where large companies cannot keep up with you. Keyword: customer proximity. Make it your advantage that you can respond much more to your customers in your small business and offer a much more personal shopping experience.

Give your customers an extra reason to buy from you. For example, through particularly intelligent pricing, offers, discounts or small gifts that are included with the purchase.

You can also encourage customers to make spontaneous purchases. All of these methods strengthen customer loyalty , which is essential for retail.

The opportunity to meet customers on a more personal level also gives you the opportunity to inform your customers about the positive contribution they make when they shop at local dealers and how this support has a positive effect on local economic structures.

Explains the trade association USA. For example, print information sheets or start a small campaign to strengthen the retail trade in your store, which gives your customers a new consumer awareness.

You see, with a little confidence and action, there are many different ways to strengthen trade for small and medium-sized companies now and especially in the future. The best thing about it is that you can contribute independently and actively support the continued existence of small businesses.

4. Avoid Tax Errors And Thereby Save Costs

Unlike large companies, retailers usually take care of the tax themselves and have no experts at their side who can explain the tricks but also the pitfalls of tax law. Did you know, for example, that an online shop is treated as a physical shop for tax purposes? Which costs can I deduct from the tax, which do I have to write off?

We asked a tax expert for his opinion and asked him to show us 
the 5 most common tax errors made by most shop owners.

5. Learn From Industry Giants And Understand Their Principles 

Get rid of the idea that you don’t have much in common with big department stores and retail giants. Much like large corporations, retailers must follow certain principles to do business successfully today.

Your resources as a retailer are limited, which forces you to structure and delegate areas of responsibility in a meaningful way in order to define the big picture – your business goal – and not lose sight of them.

Under certain circumstances, your personnel costs are also limited, which makes proper training of employees essential.

Would you like to offer your customers the best possible shopping experience and make your employees’ work much easier? Try our iPad POS system and let yourself be convinced! So you can concentrate much more on what really matters: your customers!

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