5 Best Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Full Truckload Logistics Company

The full truckload (FTL) sector of transportation and logistics in the United States faces a lot of controversy and fear from clients who think that FTL shipping is often unaffordable. That’s in consideration that this kind of shipping involves using an entire truck or van to haul your cargo alone, and as such, you won’t have the privilege of cost-sharing.

Even though it’s true that you won’t share the costs with another customer, it’s not entirely true that FTL is a highly expensive and often unaffordable means of shipping your cargo. When used for the right purpose, truckload shipping can be the ideal cost-efficient way to move your large-volume, extremely heavy, or specialized cargo from one point to another.

Besides, this kind of shipping only involves one pick-up point and one destination point, which allows for a smoother and faster delivery. If you want to use a full truckload logistics company to transport your cargo, be sure to use the following factors to guide you in picking the right company for your needs

  1. Demonstrated expertise

Cargo differs in nature and sensitivity even when the method used to transport such goods is the same. As the owner of your freight, you know exactly how you want your goods to be transported, and what that means is that you will require the company to meet all your transportation expectations.

You ought to keep in mind that transportation and logistics companies are different especially when it comes to the areas of expertise. For this reason, you must ensure that the company that you choose to hire has expert knowledge in your required area of cargo handling. A visit to the company’s website should give you confidence that they know what they are doing, especially if there is pictorial evidence.

  1. Customer service history

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to determine if a company’s claim of reliability and great value is true. That’s in consideration that some companies don’t live up to their promise, and will instead offer mediocre services with the aim of raking in as much profit as they possibly can.

Website review sites, as well as social media platforms, are a good source of a company’s customer service history, and such reviews can save you from making the wrong decision. You can even use networks to get solid referrals for a better chance of great service.

  1. Industry experience

Even though a company that has existed for many years does not mean that it’s the best choice there is, you can be sure that they have gained enough expertise over the years to handle your needs effectively. A company that has served hundreds of thousands of customers for over 25 years, for example, would be more reliable compared to a new establishment that has served just a handful of customers.

Even though it’s good to give a chance to a company based on the reputation it has earned from the customers it has served, you still want to pay attention to their industry experience.

  1. Technological prowess

The effort that a company puts in at acquiring effective and user-friendly technology depicts its dedication to providing customers with the best service. The company of your choice should be up-to-date with the latest technology to provide a customer experience that is worth the money. With a modern Transportation Management System (TMS), for instance, you will enjoy greater efficiency when it comes to saving your time and effort in tracking deliveries and saving costs.

  1. Dedication to best practices

Sometimes, it’s not the company with the best price offers that will deliver the best service. The phrase “You get what you pay for” stands true quite a number of times, and this means that you may want to consider more than just the costs. One of the best ways to determine whether a company is worth the money is to determine their commitment to industry best practices.

Such practices include having an informative and regularly-updated blog and a customer service team that is friendly and pays attention to the customer needs in detail. A review section that includes previous customers’ honest reviews and ratings also shows the company’s dedication to best practices.

In summary

As a business owner, whether of a small or large commercial setup, one of the most important decisions that you have to make is how you want your cargo to be moved from one point to the second. This means taking your time to ensure that you hire a company that will put in the required effort to guarantee safe and reliable transportation of your goods.

By investing your time and effort to find a company such as AmeriFreight Systems, you will avoid costly hiring mistakes that may lead to regrets later on.