5 Best Tips for Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you find yourself or your company facing bankruptcy in the immediate future then it advisable to hire a bankruptcy law lawyer. The entire pipeline to file for bankruptcy can be emotionally, mentally, financially and physically exhausting. Rather than opting to go through the grind yourself and ensuring you clear all the loopholes without any possible future consequences, you must leave this in the hands of the lawyer. Bankruptcy lawyers are trained to efficiently file paperwork, churn out routes for saving up on lakhs of rupees, and ensuring your home and other valuable assets are not lost in the process.


Simply hiring any bankruptcy lawyer does not assure the best results. You need to dig-deep on your prospective lawyer, research their background, the projects they have worked on, success rate in cases, minimum and maximum amount of client’s money they have managed to retain, client testimonials, fee structure and their experience in different sub-fields under bankruptcy law. Going through these points before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can prove to be highly effective in achieving positive results for the actual reason you hired the lawyer –


  • Do not get attracted to low fee lawyers – Very often people seeking a bankruptcy lawyer opt for a lawyer who has is known to charge much lower fees than his/her competitors. Individuals tend to knock on their doors as they are anyway facing a bankruptcy situation. This is a highly illogical step and efforts must be made to focus on an attorney who has relevant experience, a reputable level of expertise and provides top-notch quality legal services, not on a lawyer who attracts customers by saying ‘lowest fees in India’.


Most of the lawyers who have low fee structures simply rely on gathering maximum clients and earning some cash from each of them collectively, irrespective of the results. But, the lawyers who clearly have a good reputation and charge significantly above average fees are the ones who can prove to be key to saving up on credit card payment, loans, insurance, etc.


  • Use the internet wisely – The internet is a go-to resource for individuals in search of lawyers. If you are looking for a bankruptcy law lawyer then the odds are you will type it in on google and contact the top names. But the internet is a vast ocean of information, you must access each shortlisted lawyer’s portfolio and study the relevance of their area of expertise to your case.


Apart from this, also check how far is the lawyer from your place of work or residence. The odds are you will have to meet your lawyer more than 2 to 3 times over the span of your case. Choosing a lawyer who is not too far can make the process feasible and have one less factor to stress about.


  • Reviews – This is the wisest step you can include in your hunt for hiring a bankruptcy lawyer or top corporate lawyers in india. The fact that you will be shelling out massive amounts of cash, calls for a 100 percent assurance that the lawyer you choose is capable of guiding you through the bankruptcy process in the best possible way. One great way to get this assurance is via client testimonials and reviews.


Going through reviews on websites that offer information on law services, going through clients feedback on the home website of a law firm, and scraping the internet for any reviews related to the lawyer you may hire, can comfort you with knowledge as to the kind of professional relationship you can expect with the lawyer. Also, a couple of negative reviews do not mean much, you must look at the bigger picture.


  • Find out if the head lawyer will join you in court – Having an expert bankruptcy lawyer by your side in court can instill a great deal of confidence and comfort. It is normal that an assistant or junior lawyer will represent you in court in the event that your chosen lawyer is absent. But you can make the terms clear with your lawyer in the beginning and ask for compensation or being told well in advance if he/she cannot appear.


  • Complete background – Once you have a complete background of your prospective lawyers, it is easier to filter out lawyers who have not worked on a reasonable number of cases similar to yours. Even factors such as whether they have a local or global clientele, ask for retainers or one-time payments or even if they work with a team of established lawyers or by themselves, can help you determine the exact fit from your options at hand.

If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, the odds are that you have a lot at stake. For this reason, be patient, broaden your mindset, analyze your options and then decide on what type of bankruptcy lawyer do you wish to hire.


Amy Jones is a certified legal advisor and she is associated with Ahlawat & Associates- best law firms in India. She loves sharing useful information about business, finance and law with needy people.