5 best things to do in Nepal

Nepal is a vastly diversified country when it comes to adventure and tourism.  Visitors around the world are lured by the astonishing beauty of the Himalayas and the local lifestyle. Nepal is the perfect place to visit for adventure geeks, they will be intrigued by the call of the mountains and the culture. In addition to this people also come to Nepal to seek some sort of spiritual awakening.  Nepal is known as the country of contrast because of the stunning combination of vibrant culture and sense of history. Nepal is the country that has the 14 highest mountains.  The highest Mt. Everest is also called “Goddess mother of the world” which allures trekkers in Nepal. Hiking and mountaineering in Nepal are very popular around the world.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a hospitable and wonderful place where you can enjoy your amazing time with family and close ones. Wildlife safaris, nature hikes, and exploring the culture has been the main attraction of Nepal. Visitors are fond of the kind heart and friendly behavior of Nepalese people. Nepal is the land of mountains where ditties mingle with moral and magnificent temples. You can explore the diversity in nature from the high mountain to the flourishing plain Terai. The panoramic views will compel you to have your camera glued to your hands at all times. There are many tourist places everywhere with uncountable rivers and streams like Phewa, Begnas, and Rupan lakes. In addition to this, you can discover rare animals like rhino, royal Bengal tiger, gharial crocodile, and freshwater genetic dolphin. From river rafting to bungee jumping you can find all kinds of adventure here. You can explore ancient art and history in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur as they are very rich in culture.

Wildlife Tours and Jungle Safaris

Due to the variation in topography and climate, a lot of rare species of animals inhabit here. You can explore and observe those animals via wildlife tours and jungle safaris. There are altogether 12 national parks and 12 wildlife reserves in Nepal where animals are protected in their environment. The most popular national parks are Chitwan national park and Sagarmatha national park, which are also enlisted in UNSECO heritage sites in Nepal.  Rare wildlife such as the One-horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, and red panda can be seen during the jungle safari. Jungle safari will take you down through the dense forest where you will discover wildlife roaming around in their natural environment.  If you are lucky enough then you will get to spot infrequent wildlife such as Pangolin, Himalayan Musk Deer, Ganges River Dolphin, Asiatic Elephants, and even Black Buck. Similarly, wildlife tours in Nepal include Bird watching, jungle walks, jeep safari, etc.

Heli- ride to mountains, Family Adventure to do in Nepal

Everyone has the fantasy of watching the stunning view of the world’s highest mountain. Trekking or climbing mountains might be difficult and hectic sometime.  But that doesn’t stop you to see the marvelous view or those mighty mountains. Heli tour is the perfect tour where you can enjoy the View Mountains easily. During this ride, you can get an aerial view mountain range including Mount Everest. Heli ride to mountains is a family adventure that gives you a great experience. Generally, mountain tours can be risky due to altitude sickness but the Heli ride is an effortless trek with no such problem. There are different Heli ride tours including the Everest base camp ride tour and Annapurna base camp Heli ride. You can do Everest base camp luxury trek with heli ride.

Bungee Jumping, adventure that will take your breath away

When it comes to the adventurous sport then bungee jumping comes on top. This sport has been on the bucket list of every trekker and adventure lover. Bungee jumping in Nepal is very popular among tourists due to its amazing location.  This adventure is the one experience that you should miss if you come to Nepal.  There is three main bungee jumping station in Nepal which are located in Bhotekoshi, Khusma, and Pokhara. Bhotekoshi is the 3rd highest bungee location in Asia and Khusma is the 2nd highest bungee jumping in the world. This is the wildest experience where your body will be in free fall and swing in the air.

Adventure Sports in Pokhara (Paragliding, Ultra flights, and more)

Pokhara is the most attracted touristic place in Nepal. There are different adventurous activities that you can experience in Pokhara. The most preferred adventure in Pokhara is paragliding as during this adventure you can get a mesmerizing view of the lake and mountains.  If you wish to fly in the sky like a bird then paragliding is for you. Paragliding in Sarangkot is a very popular sport due to its amazing scenery. The flight for paragliding is about 20 to 25 minutes.

Ultra flight is a kind of paragliding where there is a very light aircraft that has no window and seating for only two persons, including a pilot and a passenger. Ultra flight gives passengers the closest view of the mountain. In addition to this zip flyers, paramotoring, stand-up paddle boarding, etc. are other adventurous sports that you can try out in Pokhara.


Despite being a small country Nepal is very famous for the high Himalayas. There are 8 out of the 10 highest mountains in the world in Nepal.  Mountaineering is an extreme adventure and the best thing to do in Nepal. Specializes suggest climbing the mountains which are below 7000.  Fewer peaks like Mera peak, Damphus peak, and mount Lhotse are often picked for climbing so they are called trekkers peak.  However, there are 27 peaks in Nepal that are allowed to climb. The Spring season is the perfect time for mountaineering so it might be crowded sometime. You need to have a moderate level of fitness for this. This adventure in general is done in small groups which provide trekkers memorable and insightful travel experience.  Mountaineering is the untamed adventure that gives you the closest experience of the mountains.