5 Best Summer Jobs in Spain One Can Apply For 

Spain is a popular tourist destination, meaning it is also a great workplace. Numerous job opportunities are available, ranging from bartending and public relations to waitressing and serving tasty tapas.  

Another big draw is the weather, which is mostly sunny and blue all year. And, of course, who could pass up the chance to live by the ocean? Living by the ocean offers activities and opportunities for the ideal mix of parties and relaxation. Working in Spain is a pleasant and fulfilling experience many will never forget. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people, visit unique places, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

In this article, we will go through the five best summer jobs in Spain you can apply for, whether you are a student or a traveller.  

  1. Waiting tables and bartending 

The most popular summer jobs in sunny Spain are probably serving customers at restaurants and working in bars. More than 4 million tourists visit yearly, and the abundance of bars, restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs ensures a very high staff turnover in these businesses. It is very challenging to get hired for this type of job before the summer has begun unless you apply to a hotel chain or know someone who owns a bar or restaurant.  

Many clubs and major hospitality organizations also have their career pages. This means you may also be able to apply online and secure a job before the summer even begins.  

  1. PR for the clubs, bars, and discos 

Parties and Ibiza go hand in hand. Public relations work for bars and clubs is essential for promoting upcoming night events. Few of these types of jobs are available due to laws limiting the number of people who can work with each establishment (bar/club). The duties of this position include luring tourists to your nightclub, hanging posters, handing out flyers to people in the street, dropping them off at hotels and coffee shops, etc. All in all, your job is to be a social butterfly. 

Thus, if you are good at socializing, you must apply for such jobs. Due to the few openings, keep tabs on the workers’ Facebook pages, such as Ibiza Workers Official, as many PR jobs are advertised here, especially at the beginning of the season. Also, remember that you must have enough patience for this job, as working as a PR is never easy. 

  1. Selling party tickets 

Similar to a PR role, selling tickets necessitates being outgoing and talkative. Ticket booths are scattered throughout the island, primarily in San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa. You might be assigned to one of these booths if your task is to sell the tickets for any of the nightclubs, in which case it will be your responsibility to describe each party and try to sell tickets. Alternatively, your role may include walking around the designated area and directing tourists to the booths. 

Selling tickets for both boat parties and nightclubs typically pays in commission or per hour, depending on your manager, so keep an eye out for listings for open positions on the worker’s page and stay updated with the summer events in Spain.  

  1. The beach and sports 

The island has numerous sailing, water-skiing, jet skiing schools and diving facilities. You can apply for such jobs as an instructor, but you’ll need the necessary skills. Additionally, look into other outdoor recreation areas that provide guided tours on wheels, such as quad, e-bike, cycle, or scooter excursions. 

  1. Holiday resort 

Along its 5,000 km coastline, Spain has fantastic summer resorts and many summer jobs. However, considering that nearly 70% of Spain’s 40 million people are employed in the service sector, it may be more difficult to find part-time employment outside British hotspots. 

Again, it is preferred to have the necessary skills or experience (not forgetting any language skills). Having skills and experience will set you apart from other applicants and raise your chances of getting the job.  

How much can you earn over the summer? 

Employers will take advantage of the fact that Spain is a popular destination for summer vacation by keeping wages low. Your summer job will come with housing and lodging if you’re lucky. Pay will probably be around €5 per hour. In Spain, many jobs and tasks will be part-time rather than full-time. 

Without a doubt, working in Spain for the summer holiday is about having an unforgettable experience rather than making money. You must remember that workers from Morocco and Eastern Europe are your competitors. 

What qualifications will come in handy? 

  • Languages: There are so many visitors on the island that it is possible to find employment without knowing any Spanish! But before you go, we advise that you brush up on your Spanish. Why not enrol on a course for a few weeks or take a few Spanish lessons if you want to work there next summer? 
  • Personal qualities: Summertime work around here is both challenging and rewarding. The typical workweek consists of six days, and many bartenders must work seven evenings weekly. The accommodations are frequently shared, and amenities like television and air conditioning are uncommon. But at least the atmosphere here is fantastic because the sun is shining and everyone is here to have fun.  
  • Qualifications and skills: As mentioned, specialist positions call for specialist qualifications. Working in a restaurant or bar also favours experience. 


Due to its excellent weather and abundance of things to do, Spain is a popular destination for summer vacationers and students. Without a doubt, spending the summers in Spain will leave you with priceless memories and many unique and exciting connections. However, you might need to find a summer job if you want to work there.  

This article should assist you if you are unsure where to look for a good summer job. Additionally, remember that different jobs require different qualifications, so you must search for something that best matches your skills. 

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