5 Best Places to stay in Hamburg

The World’s Entrance? Germany’s second city is a formidable opponent. There are more than 50 museums and theatres here, also with an incredible nightlife and a fantastic foodie scene. The best things to do in Hamburg touch on the many lives that make up this city, a city that isn’t afraid to doff its cap to tradition. What exactly is Hamburg? It is, after all, Hamburg. It couldn’t be anything else. This is your ultimate guide to the best things to do in Hamburg, from gourmet cuisine to the sinful lights of the Reeperbahn. Prepare to have a great time.

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1 Fischmarkt

The name ‘Fischmarkt’ is somewhat deceptive. Okay, so there’s fresh fish and seafood here, but there’s also bric-Ă -brac, flowers, fruit and vegetables, meat, and clothing. Fischmarkt has been trading various items since 1703, so it is well established and very busy when it opens every Sunday morning. If you want something ready-made rather than fresh ingredients, you can get shrimp rolls here or go to the adjacent fish auction hall for brunch and a live jazz or skiffle band performance.

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2 LiteraturhauscafĂ© 

The LiteraturhauscafĂ© is a lovely old building that dates back to 1839, but it wasn’t always like this. It had served as a dance school and a girls’ home for years. it in 1985 by an anonymous philanthropist, and now glittering chandeliers hang from stucco ceilings above rows of gleaming white tablecloths. Although LiteraturhauscafĂ© is not the cheapest option, it is ideal for a special occasion or to treat yourself. Their menu features fresh, seasonal, and regional dishes.

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3 Port of Hamburg tour

Don’t expect to see much nature on these boat tours; instead, learn about what makes Germany’s largest port tick. The Port of Hamburg is a bustling sea superhighway, with 9,000 ship calls per year, 300 berths, and 27 miles of wharf for seagoing vessels. You’ll get closer to all the container ship action on a barge tour like the Maritime Circle line. You could also escape the confines of land with a floating techno party on the Love Boat. If you want to go fast, try RIB Piraten, the only speedboat operator permitted inside Hamburg Harbour. On the final leg of this tour, you’ll hit top speeds on a rigid inflatable boat that skims the waves at 60 miles per hour.

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4 Entenwerder1 

Entenwerder1 is a sun-drenched cafĂ© in Rothenburgsort that looks onto the Elbe River. It is a destination for both creative types and the boating community. You can watch the boats go by from the picnic-style seating outside – or stop, as a docking point makes this an aquatic destination for hungry locals. The fresh, homemade baked goods and the fish cakes.

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5 Logo Club

Since 1974, this live music club billed as “Hamburg’s loudest sauna,” has drawn a diverse range of bands and musicians, making it one of the city’s most famous and adored music institutions. After WWII, the venue was a furniture store and was later converted into a student restaurant with cheap food and the occasional concert. The concerts took over. Das Logo’s 40-year existence has not been easy; financial difficulties have forced the company to close several times. The 450-person club sells out, so make your reservation early.

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