5 Best Places to Explore in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is known as the economic and cultural hub. It is one of Europe’s major industrial and financial capitals. Besides, it is one of the most delightful and fascinating places in Switzerland for tourists.

This city has innumerable attractions, including an old town that is well-preserved and retains the Renaissance and medieval buildings, dozens of museums, and a lot of art in and out of museums that can keep every art lover happy for a week.

Surely, there are more than 5 brilliant tourist attractions in Zurich, but this list includes the must-visits’ highlights and must-visits.

All these places narrate the exciting history of Switzerland, you can enjoy the open beautiful parks, the breathtaking views and so much more.

Day trips from Zurich can give you a lot more places to explore and is an amazing way to capture a lot in a short while. 

1. The Lake Zurich

This is the favorite playground for tourists and is the main focal point for Zurich. The entire Lake Zurich is lined with parks and promenades. The locals jog here, catch the sun, picnics and take a swim in the lake.

But the best way to enjoy the lake is by taking the cruises from where you can catch the beautiful view of the Glarus Alps. Keep an eye out for the Burkliplatz steamer landing.

The Limmat flows at this point from the lake. Burkliplatz and Bellevueplats are connected by the Quaibrucke that crosses the river.

2. The Old Town

Between the financial powerhouse city of Zurich is this neighborhood with narrow streets rising on the river’s sides and filled with historic charm. The Old Town has retained its medieval structures.

You can head up the Munstergasse, and you will reach the Napfgasse – the headquarters of money-changers during the 14th and 15th centuries. You can visit the Haus Zum Napt that has furnished rooms with fine interiors in Renaissance style. 

3. Swiss National Museum

It looks like a castle, and this neo-gothic museum is an excellent attraction for tourists. It stores the rich history and cultural artifacts of the country. These count up to around 820,000 of them. 

The collection covers works of silversmith, gold, industrial antiques, textiles, costumes, metalwork, clock and watches, jewelry, sleighs, and crafts. The museum also holds medieval paintings that are particularly interesting, just like their collection of old stained glass. 

4. The Rhine falls

The biggest waterfall in Europe and one of the main focuses in Zurich, Rhine falls is a must-visit. The Rhine falls is situated 47km north of Zurich on the High RhIne. It is located somewhere between the villages Laufen-Uhwiesen/Dachsen and Neuhausen am Rheinfall.

A well-known town is also located around the area named Schaffhausen. Rhine Falls can be viewed from three viewing platforms. The names of these platforms are Kanzeli, Belvedere, and Fischnets. 

5. Bahnhofstrasse

This is Zurich’s “Main Street” and is the busiest pedestrianized Bahnhofstrasse. This stretched from the train station to the head of the lake at Burkliplatz. This is one of the most attractive shopping streets, which spreads at a length of 1,200 meters.

It is enlivened by public art, trees, fountains, and unique architecture. Most of the shops in this line are filled with fashions, furs, jewelry, and high-end products.

The buildings and their windows and structure alone make the place very popular among the visitors and locals. It is a great place to even simply stroll and enjoy the environment. 

Final Words

Just words are never enough to describe the beauty of Switzerland and its cities. Mountains and foothills cover most parts of the country. Anywhere that your eyes can go, the views never fall short to impress.

As mentioned earlier, every place here is worth a visit. The most dynamic places in Europe of all time are located in Zurich. From the medieval valleys to soaring heights of the Alps and the popular Jungfrau region, Zurich has it all.

So, if you are ready to spare a few days or even more, the time can always feel short with so many places to go to. This includes just the highlights that we think you shouldn’t miss and will be worth your experience.