5 Best Places TO Buy Books in UAE

Are you a bookworm from Dubai who is always on the hunt for new books, vintage copies, and a diverse selection of novel genres? Well, you’ve come to the correct place. Your need for Books, Books, and More Books will be quenched with Bookends! From little street book stores to large bookstore chains from around the world, Dubai has a variety of book stores to satisfy bibliophiles’ thirst for anything from best-selling novels to classics. And if you like to keep your wallet happy, numerous stores sell pre-owned books at a very affordable price. We’ve compiled a list of some of Dubai’s literary hotspots for books below.

Literary Hotspots To Buy Books in UAE:

#1 – Bookends – For Preloved Books Collection:


Purchasing books that have a prior reader’s tale to tell is always interesting. Bookends has a large selection of used books at very reasonable prices. Readers may simply buy and have books delivered to their homes. You could also sell your used books on the website. It’s an online marketplace where you can buy and sell old books, with shipping available throughout the UAE. It’s not only eco-friendly, but it also has over 10000 books on the site, with over 100 new titles uploaded every day.

A point worth mentioning is how used books can help the environment by eliminating the need to print new books. It further adds to the joy of reading as you turn to an eco-friendly option of reading. In addition to that, you can buy a used book for a much lower price. So more books for less money!

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#2 – Kinokuniya UAE – For Cross Culture Collection:

New to Dubai and searching for books in your native language? Kinokuniya is the one-stop solution for you.  Kinokuniya is a giant book store from Tokyo, Japan and has world-class stores spread over countries like America, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan and now in DUBAI – UAE. This store contains a vast selection of half a million books and a thousand magazines in English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese. The soothing ambience, scenic design,  68,000 square foot Paragon Book Gallery, as well as a spectacular view of the contemporary skyline and the Burj Khalifa.

In Downtown Dubai, Kinokuniya is located on floor 2 of The Dubai Mall. Spend hours on hunting for your favourite book through wide collections of novelty reads. This bookshop at Dubai Mall is especially known for its Japanese literature, which provides bibliophiles with a whole new world to explore.

#3 – WH Smith – For the Latest Collection:

Are you one of those people who always want to get their hands on the latest book release? Not sure where to look in Dubai for the latest bestsellers? Visit WH Smith to see the most recent additions to the collection. It was founded in 1792, and you’ve probably seen it at a variety of locations such as airports, train stations, hospitals, and highway service centres. WH Smith is a household name in the United Kingdom, and there are now WH Smith locations in the City Walk, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina districts.

You can count on discovering the right new readings for yourself because the store is staffed with booksellers that have a great understanding of the newest trends and releases in the literary world. This UK-based bookshop business in Dubai has rows of books for you to browse and immerse yourself in the world of literature.

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#4 – House of Prose – For Happy Pocket Collection:

Wanting to save a couple of your Dirhams? Want to keep your habit of reading books and Pockets happy? Wondering how to do it? Well, the House of Prose in Jumeirah Plaza and Dubai Garden Centre is the place where you can get books at good prices. Cookbooks, science fiction novels, self-help and self-healing books, as well as crime, travel, and humour prints, are all available at affordable rates. The business also has a buy-back policy, in which returned books are purchased at a 50% discount. People may buy books for Dhs 3 or three volumes by the same author for Dhs 35 in House of Prose’s discount boxes.

#5 – Magrudy’s – For Children Collection:

Thinking about what to gift your kiddo? Are you confused as to what to get your reading-obsessed child? Simply go to Magrudy, one of Dubai’s oldest bookshop chains. It is particularly well-known for its extensive selection of children’s books, as well as all other books selected with the tastes of the local population in mind. Magrudy’s not only sells books for kids, but also toys, stationery, and craft items, making it more than just perfect. This Dubai bookstore is also known for being a social hub for readers to meet and engage. Regular book clubs, book signings, and other activities are held at Magrudy’s to encourage people to read.

Sometimes bibliophiles can’t find what they’re seeking for even at these Dubai’s famous bookstores. As a result, you have the choice of visiting Jashanmal Books or Bookworm Store. If you’re looking for a wide variety of inexpensive books, go to the secondhand and affordable book stores in Dubai. You may always visit one of the library cafes in Dubai for a combination of books, coffee, and like-minded individuals.

We believe that reading is a treat for the soul and the mind and should never be taken for granted. Now buy or get your favourite books from pre-loved goodies to whatever’s shiny and new, these bookshops in Dubai are the places to pick up your next page-turner. So, curl up on the couch or library or in a café with a book as your best buddy!

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