5 Best Pakistani and Indian Food Restaurants in USA

Everyone wants to eat delicious food and when it comes to the taste of Indian and Pakistani cuisine they are unparalleled. People once try this food and always feel the taste in the mouth. The aroma, variety, and presentation of food make every mouth water but people living in the US often find it difficult to get this Desi food. They look for quality restaurants where they can find quality food at affordable rates. People living there not only miss their homeland but the food of their homeland as well. Here is the list of a few of the best restaurants in the US where you can find Indian and Pakistani food right up to your expectations:


If you want to plan lunch or dinner with family then Kettle’e in Santa Clara is the place where you can find a range of food items. They serve their customers with many western, eastern, and Chinese dishes. People love to have something sweet after lunch or dinner and they have many desserts to offer. If you prefer tea or coffee after having food then they are unmatched for the taste of coffee and tea. Apart from the delicious food, their rates are within the range of the affordability of the people who visit them.

Shadman Restaurant

It is a Pakistani restaurant that provides its customers with Shami kabab, Chapli kabab, Aloo tikkis, and samosas. People who love beef and mutton can visit this restaurant because they use meat products that are processed just according to the norms of Muslims. You can freely order what you want. Other than desi dishes they also serve Chinese food. So, a variety of food items are prepared and offered here. There are many options in lamb, goat, and beef selections. All dishes of meat are tender and well-cooked. Reviews about their food tell the quality of the food they are offering.

Pakistan Tea House

All Indians and Pakistanis love to have tea more than once in a day and there is a specific taste of tea that they prefer. It is not easy to have the same taste of tea in the US because tea quality, milk, and sugar have different tastes. So, tea lovers can visit Pakistan Tea House in the US because they have been offering a traditional taste of tea in their restaurant. Although they have many other food items on their menu tea is their specialty for which people prefer them.

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Delicious Curry House

It is an Indian restaurant in the USA and many people visit it on daily basis. Those who need to have a quality yet affordable food must come to this restaurant. They use spices that are a specialty of Indian food and give a specific aroma to the food. Range of desi food items including rice dishes, chapatti, puris, and much more. You just need to enter here and you will want to order everything that they offer. Delicious Curry House have regular customers just because of the quality of food and economical rates.

August 1 Five

It is an Indian bay area restaurant. At this restaurant, there is a mix of food items that are British-Indian. They are famous for their Jalfrezi and Chicken tikka masala. They have their own significance for the taste and rates it offers. Seafood items are also included in their menu. They come up to the expectations of customers for taste, rates, and quality of food. It is hoped that this list of restaurants will help you in getting the food that you love to eat in the foreign land of the US.