5 best marketing consulting service firms you need to know

Every company has certain goals in mind when they want to improve productivity, increase sales, and boost employee morale. One of the top goals of all businesses is the ability to continuously grow – in size and influence – while still using as few resources as possible. By reducing overhead costs while simultaneously improving productivity, businesses can flourish.

But how does a business accomplish this perfect scenario? We have the secret. 

The FIVE best marketing consulting service firms 

Marketing consultant services refer to professional services by experts in the marketing field who help with a business’ strategy, analytics, and auditing. Market research is an essential tool for using these services. Professionals will analyze the market research to understand the marketplace, the customer, and what marketing strategies work best to reach the target market. 

By gaining insight into the market, the brand, and the business strategy, businesses can use marketing consulting services to help companies build effective customer and business relationships. 

The main benefits of using marketing consulting services are:

  • Targeted knowledge – experts can provide a unique and targeted vision to prevent marketing mistakes and wasted resources
  • Third-party help – marketing consulting helps include new individuals, which helps bring a new perspective to your business. Third-party intervention can help expand your business’ scope and analysis.
  • Flexibility – marketing consulting services help boost your company’s strategy by using experts on a temporary basis according to your needs and budget 
  • Customization – marketing consulting services can interact with various types of companies and brands based on their unique needs, scale, monetary budget, and market size. 
  • Spend control – businesses can analyze and keep in check how much they are spending on their marketing 

Marketing consulting services are the unsung hero of many business success stories. To achieve growth, we have listed some of the best marketing consulting service firms in 2021 for you to use.

By providing personalized marketing consulting services, The Product helps increase your productivity in email marketing, public relations, and overall image. 

A-Train Marketing

A-Train helps clients by avoiding common mistakes, focusing on result-driven processes, creating high-quality campaigns, brainstorming unique creative, and guiding you through the stages of strategy building, implementation, and analysis. 

A-Train Marketing offers a brand identity audit, CEO audit, brand discovery diagnostics, internal and competitive brand assessment, and logo design/identity creation as some of their most widely-used services.

The Product

The Product Company is a marketing firm that has several online tools, digital marketing strategies, and innovative plans to help all companies. You as a business owner provide details to the company regarding your brand’s image, ethos, identity, and overall goals. The Product will then match you with a marketing team to help create a comprehensive picture for your business.

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a global firm offering marketing consulting services specifically designed for helping corporate finance and IT businesses flourish in their sector. With multiple years of experience and time-tested results, this company has claimed the top spot on Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list multiple times, showing the high company morale and employee productivity. 

With category management, product development, and customer insights this comprehensive business helps develop brand strategies and provide a unique customer experience.


A well-known global marketing firm that provides marketing consulting services for marketing, finance, and technology businesses, this company is extremely successful due to the personalized customer experiences. Focusing on targeted audiences, their strategy helps determine customer behavior, customer decisions, and the best engagement tactics for responses. 

PwC Digital

PwC Digital is a marketing consulting firm that uses the philosophy of focusing on client experiences through marketing platforms. Using high-tech features that help conceptualize immediate business goals, customer data, and marketing channels, this company specializes in developing social campaigns and creating marketing potential for your business. 


Choosing the right marketing consulting services is the difference between making or breaking your new business. Selecting a firm that offers the resources you need, whether it be design creation, analyzing your target market, or determining customer decisions and interactions, choosing the top marketing consulting firm is crucial in taking your business’ productivity to the next level.

Some of the best firms in the game right now are PwC Digital, Accenture, Bain & Company, A-Train Marketing, and THe Product, all of which can help improve your company’s efficiency, reach, and marketing strategies. 

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