5 Best Gaming Apps to Beat Boredom During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For most people, the coronavirus lockdown has been pretty boring. If it’s the same situation with you and watching movies, cooking, exercising or other such activities are off your chart, try playing mobile games. There are some really amazing ones on the store. And if you don’t know which one to start with, here’s a quick list to help you grab your favorite if you haven’t already. 

1. BlockuDoku by Easybrain

A good block puzzle is everyone’s favorite. And what could be better than having an app which is a perfect combination of blocks with Sudoku? BlockuDoku has a straightforward interface but with some challenging levels. Having over 10 million downloads on play store and being on #12 on the app store, this app has gained quite a massive fan-following.

The rules of gameplay are simple as with any other block app – it’s no rocket science. All you got to do is destroy as many blocks as possible to make the board clutter-free. It’s an addictive block puzzle game, but investing more time on a single level will certainly get you nowhere. You need to be quick and logical – the more you wait for a perfect fit, the more are your chances of building up the board and losing the game. So, act smart and score more!

2. Scrabble GO

The name is self-explanatory, and we’re sure you must have heard about this game or even played it. The Scramble GO by Scopely is a fantastic word game, and if you think words bore you more, don’t underestimate their power. Try it out once – there’s no better way of learning new stuff while you’re in lockdown. 

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3. Onnect

This pair-matching game by Chef Game Studio is quite popular on both play store and app store. You may find several such games online, but the engaging factor that this game has is actually enough to keep you engrossed each day even in the lockdown. 

4. Ludo King

Well, this game by Gametion needs no introduction. Ludo is a classic favorite – people love it, they hate it, but no one can ignore it. Once you have it on your phone, there’ll be no looking back. And if you think that it’s a multiplayer game – no worries, you can choose to play with other online players. 

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5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaws certainly take us back to the memories of our childhood. These games have evolved for good now, but the ones before had their own charm. However, walking on the footsteps of the old-school jigsaw puzzles is this one by Easybrain LTD. There are so many high-quality puzzles that you’d get tired playing these, but the collection would still be intact. 

You can try your hands on any or install them all – none will disappoint. However, our top pick is the BlockuDoku block puzzle since it has the essence of two different games in one and is absolutely gripping. It’ll leave no room for boredom!