5 Best CBD Cigarettes instead of Tobacco 2021

Do you know what CBD cigarettes are? One of the important techniques of cannabidiol consumption is smoking. These CBD cigarettes are primarily made from hemp. Most of these products have the legal amount of 0.3% THC, while the rest carry a full spectrum. There are many CBD cigarettes available in the market that is the best alternative to tobacco.

There is a distinct difference between cannabidiol and traditional cigarettes. The former doesn’t contain any nicotine, while the latter is only made up of the dangerous element. There is decades’ worth of research that proves that regular cigarettes have a wide range of damaging chemicals.

Are CBD cigarettes good for you? CBD cigarettes are the best alternatives to conventional tobacco ones. The CBD variations are designed fashionably in cigarette-looking design for comfortable usage.

Best CBD cigarettes for Tobacco in the market

Check out the list of the best CBD cigarettes that you can use instead of traditional tobacco ones.


Hemptrance brands create rolls from high-grade organic hemp. They are similar to traditional smokes but packed with full-spectrum cannabidiol. However, the THC is maintained at 0.3% levels. They are effectively fast and last longer. Therefore, you can relish the feeling for an extended period and enjoy the moment for a fair amount of time.

Additionally, these rolls have a bunch of other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, CBG, and terpenes. The cannabidiol composition makes up more than 12%. Furthermore, the hemp plant is cultivated organically and it is also 100% pure.

Hemptrance is available in a sturdy can with a pack of 10 cigarettes. These CBD cigarettes are best if you are planning to let go of your tobacco, nicotine-based rolls.

Redwood Reserves

Redwood is also from organic hemp. These CBD cigarettes contain about 100 mg apiece. You can guarantee a full puff of potent cannabidiol every time you inhale. They are available in packs of 6 or a pack of 12 sticks.

Redwood Reserves come in stylish and cellophane wrapped cardboard. Next, the package contains 20 rolls. Additionally, it is very comfortable and easy to consume as the cigarettes are snug. Furthermore, the cotton filters make these best CDB cigarettes compared to the tobacco versions.

CBDoobies Pre-Rolls

The pre-rolls are mainly CBD with cannabidiols. They are additionally imbued with CBD isolate. You can either light up the whole joint or just take a few puffs when you like to. Firstly, and most importantly, they are complete with flavors and terpenes.

These cigarettes are tetrahydrocannabinol-free and accessed from different sources. The sources can be super lemon haze, strawberry diesel, OG Kush, and Jack Herer.

CBDoobie is available in either 200mg or 60mg. The 60mg comes in a tray holding 32 pieces and a jar of 36 separate tubes. CBDoobie 200mg is present in a strawberry lemonade flavor, while the 60mg is available in a variety of flavors. You can easily source them in the super lemon haze, strawberry diesel, OG Kush, and Jack Herer flavors.

Willie’s Reserve Pre-Rolls

Willie Nelson, the country musician owns this brand, Willie’s Reserve. Unlike the other brands mentioned here, these CBD cigarettes contain traces of THC. Due to several legal limitations, you can purchase and use them only in states that allow marijuana for leisure activities. They are available in three flavors – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

These CBD cigarettes are the best when you want to stay away from the tobacco counterparts. They come in a high-quality packet with ready-to-roll joints. Each pack contains approximately, 2 ½ gm of ready rolls.

Plain Jane’s

Firstly, Plain Jane’s are noticeably odorless. Secondly, they are very easily accessible online. Thirdly, they are cigarettes from rice paper. Finally, Plain Jane contains the full-spectrum of the cannabinoids collectives.

Plain Jane’s pack of cigarettes is available in a pack of 10 and each contains 72mg of CBD content. If you are a beginner, then the CBD content may be too high for you. In this case, the cigarettes have a removable hemp blunt. You can make use of it.


Do CBD cigarettes work? Definitely yes, they work alright. Are CBD cigarettes the best alternatives to conventional tobacco cigarettes? Yes, they are. The above assortment of CBD cigarettes is the one with the best qualities for any user who wants to quit tobacco.

Additionally, you can also find other brands with different specifics that you are looking for too.

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