5 Benefits of Vehicle GPS Tracking

Currently, there is a need in companies to improve the quality of service for their customers. Achieving a service of excellence in constant productivity and optimizing management times is possible with the correct use of Vehicle GPS Tracking or telemetry. One of the resources that add value to the daily operation of the vehicle fleet is implementing a comprehensive solution that takes into account all the criteria that your position, company, drivers and units require. GPS vehicle tracking provides the ability to meet the expectations of both customers and your team of drivers.  Here is a Top 5 of why GPS tracking in conjunction with fleet management software can help you improve service to your customers and help you in your daily work. The benefits, if used correctly, can produce important results for any business, such as increasing the profitability of your company.

Security improvement

In addition to helping to promote safer driving habits by providing vehicle driving data and measurements, fleet managers can know exactly where a vehicle is located when it may require assistance. The type of vehicle does not affect the possibility of having a reliable, adaptable and safe Geotab go9. An example is mixed or motorcycle fleets; the theft of these vehicles has increased considerably in the country. A GPS locator is extremely useful, since in addition to satellite tracking, the software allows you to control the engine ignition in the event of a heist. Another exemplary situation is when a vehicle has broken down or is in an emergency situation, administrators can send roadside assistance to assist their driver.

Reduction in fuel costs

We know that it is impossible to control the price of fuel or its illegal sale is a crime that transports close to 20% of national crude and affects all consumers. Charitable telemetry intervention happens with the ability to interpret and analyze a vehicle’s fuel economy. Monitoring software that helps reduce the amount of money spent in this area by eliminating downtime of the vehicle, the speeding driver and unauthorized use.

Prevention and detection of claims

If one of the vehicles in your fleet, boxes or merchandise is stolen, Geotab go9 and its GPS locator is the best tool for any company to react in time and make decisions on how to recover and report it efficiently. It is notified with real-time alerts, panic buttons and map data to help identify if the vehicle has been stolen or affected by an accident, so that they can inform the authorities of their location and allow a quick recovery. You can learn more about our success stories from our clients.

Reduction of operating costs

Using fleet management software with GPS tracking allows managers to see which routes are being used and whether they are inefficient or whether a vehicle is being used for unauthorized purposes. The use of telemetric, apart from helping with problems on the road, provides specific details of the hours that drivers have worked.  According to statistics, each year road accidents claim the lives of 16,500 lives on average and cost the country around 150 billion pesos, which represents 1.7% of the Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, it is important to know driving habits and trends to increase safety and productivity.

Increase productivity

Due to the ability to track driving hours worked, it also enables fleet managers to make better use of an employee’s time. Geotab go9 and its distinctive GPS tracking system shows the location of drivers at all times and keeps track of what they are doing, as well as the work they have completed. To help your fleet reach its full potential, request a demonstration to see what a telemetric solution can achieve by joining forces with your management processes