5 Benefits Of Using A Local Financial Planner For Solid Financial Advice

Getting the ideal advice for financial planning has more benefits excluding the financial aspect. It provides better investment outcomes, but it also lowers your stress while heading into retirement. Furthermore, it increases happiness and lets you have a calm state of mind.

While thinking about retirement and financial goals, it is common to wonder how a local financial planner can help. Financial planning involves things beyond investment and management. It also includes things like tax planning or estate planning. These are complex and consume a lot of time if you decide to manage it all by yourself. Therefore, a local financial advisor can be of great help here. They can provide you with the resources and guidance for managing your finances ideally. So, here are five advantages of using a local financial planner for solid financial advice.

Best Individual Service

Many advisors joining corporate companies are focusing on advancing their careers in the corporate world. They are looking for the next promotion, be it six months or two years. Maybe after that time, they will be in a higher position. At that time, someone who just received a promotion will be handling your situation.

Thus, local and independent financial planners are more likely to focus on you and your needs. Their focus is not on climbing the corporate ladder. Because they are close to you, they can take the time to consider your wants and requests closely.

Unbiased Advice

Many advisors at companies or giant firms get compensation when they sell you a product. It can be a stock, a mutual fund, a policy, or anything of that sort. These things can develop a conflict of interest. It also comes under the suitability standard, where planners only consider if their products are suitable for your investment profile.

Most local and independent advisors follow the fiduciary standard. They have to place your interest at the top every time legally. Thus, they don’t sell a product, get or take a commission for anything, creating a conflict of interest.

Before they recommend anything to you, they weigh all the aspects of your condition. Thus, the advice they offer is entirely objective and unbiased. Irrespective of which advisor you hire, what matters is that they should put their clients above other things.

Comprehensive Advice

Local and service-oriented advisors and companies take their time to get familiar with you. Because of these things, they take a comprehensive approach. For them, planning is an essential part of their service. It is not just about bringing customers in the door. An approach like this leads to smart planning, which plays a massive role in enhancing your long-term success. 

A research report from Morningstar assessed the change smart planning can influence. Indeed, all client matters are not similar. But, according to the report, retirement income can be increased by 29%.

It is because a comprehensive planner considers all the areas that impact retirement income. It can be investments, pensions, security, taxes, other expenses, and so on. All in all, it is not only about the returns on investment. It is more about being wise and careful with what you have.

Suggestions Customised To Your Situation.

Corporate and giant national firms standardise their advice, suggestions, and product recommendations. After that, they try to sell it to as many people as they can. If every advisor in these companies looks into every client’s situation before recommending, they cannot quickly multiply its profits. There is no possible way, and they won’t have the time to grow or achieve economies of scale.

Big companies can drive profits by coming up with recommendations based on the understanding of the average investor. The disadvantage here is that it does not always work for your success. A service-oriented firm or an independent or local financial planner is better in this case. They are better positioned to tailor the suggestions according to your situation’s requirements to achieve your goals.

You Can Decide What Happens With Your Money.

A national firm is suitable for those who will hand their money to investors to invest according to their choice. In this situation, there will be little input from you. Furthermore, they may or may not be living in the same state as you. Their goal is to obtain the necessary profit margin. Thus, these firms won’t be having long talks with you about how they will invest your money.

In most cases, they’ll take and implement the decision for several accounts without asking for your prior permission. A local advisor won’t do these things. Not only that, but the best local advisors will willingly involve you in these decisions.

Many of them want to become an integral part of your team working to achieve your essential goals. Furthermore, local advisors will want to ensure that you understand why their suggestions will be of your help. If you’re going to have a say and decide what happens to your money, local financial planners are the best.

Other Benefits Of Having A Local Financial Planner For The Best Financial Advice

  • Being Able To Meet

There is one essential benefit of having a local financial planner. You will get to meet your advisor. Suppose you live in Newcastle and have a busy job. You don’t have the time to choose a financial planner. So, you decide to hire the best financial planner in Newcastle. The benefit is that you both live in the same city so you can always stay in touch.

Most national firms won’t do the same thing. This part is even for those who want to conduct these activities online. There will be times when you will want to meet and discuss things with the advisor.

  • National Firms Vs. Local Advisors

Let’s compare local financial planners to big firms. The firms are more likely to segregate their workload according to departments. So, there are chances that your advisor in the firm can be an account manager.

That manager can be a mediator between you and other people in the firm who may be actually working. Your planning can come from the planning department and your analysis from an analyst in simpler words. All in all, you might not get the chance to meet a proper advisor because they split the duties.

On the other hand, you can meet your local advisor. Even in such companies, the advisors are entirely committed to your goals. Hiring a local financial planner may not be mandatory. But, meeting in person with your planner has a plethora of benefits.

Final Words

  • It is ideal to choose a local financial planner for the following reasons.
  • Exceptional customer service because they work beside you to achieve your goals
  • Local advisors get to know you and let you get to know them
  • They come up with plans tailored to your requirement
  • Local financial planners stick around to implement the plan and ensure that you succeed

In the end, it doesn’t come down only to the advisor’s location. It is more about their dedication. Choosing a local financial advisor comes with a lot of benefits. But most of all, there is transparency, and there is no pressure on product sales. financial planner charlotte nc help you achieve your financial objectives through comprehensive financial planning and investment management services, whether you’re just getting started planning for retirement or already enjoying it.


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