5 Benefits of Receiving an Elevation Certificate to Manage Flood Risks

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, floods are the most frequent and costly hazards in the United States. This said, if you are looking to purchase property in a flood-prone area, it would be best to get an elevation certificate.

The elevation certificate assesses the features of your property. The document contains the materials used to make your home and the elevation of your property’s lowest elevation level. Here are a few benefits you’ll get for receiving this crucial document.

1- Create Awareness

As stated above, America faces frequent floods annually. An elevation certificate enlightens you with the relevant information you’ll need for awareness of the risks facing your home. The content in the EC includes the location and flood zone, the lowest floor of your home that is most prone to flooding, and building characteristics such as the basement or attached or no garage. With this vital information, you will know the necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of flooding.

2- The Document Will Help with Your Insurance

If you live in a flood-prone area, it will help that you get an elevation certificate to help you get flood insurance. The document helps in measuring how your property is susceptible to flood damage and is a component used by an insurance agent to evaluate your flood insurance premiums. This is done by estimating how likely the rising flood water will reach the lowest floor of your property. Bear in mind that if you don’t have an elevation certificate, it can be hard to determine what your flood insurance premium is.

3- Outdated FEMA Maps

You need to be equipped with the correct information to tackle any floods incident effectively. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is required to update the flood maps after every five years. If this is not done, the flood risk level in an area is uncertain. When you have an elevation certificate, you are accurate information on the potential flood risks your property faces. The data in the document is precise compared to the outdated FEMA maps.

4- Help with Future Projects

If you plan for a building or remodeling project, receiving an elevation certificate would be ideal. The certificate will inform you of the imminent flood damage resulting from rising water in areas you plan to conduct your project. With this critical information, you can know how to prepare yourself for the risks stated. By putting this into consideration, you’ll undoubtedly have a successful project.

5- Extremely Helpful for a Homeowner

An important point to note is that everyone is not required to have an elevation certificate. However, the information in the document can still be helpful to you. This is because building codes change, and water levels are still rising. With an elevation certificate, you’ll be more aware of your property’s risks and make the necessary changes.

If your property is located in an area that has been flooded multiple times, it’s wise to get an elevation certificate. This will help you mitigate flood risks and ensure you get flood insurance. Note that the cost of an elevation certificate varies depending on your property’s characteristics and location.