5 Benefits of Physical Business Meetings

We’ve been in the grip of pandemic for well over a year now, and everything is just starting to tip back towards normality. Remote working has gone from a rare trend to an accepted way of life, and more companies are fully or partially embracing it than ever. In an age of Zoom meetings and everything becoming increasingly impersonal, here are some reasons to stick with in-person meetings, even if everyone’s working from home in their pyjamas. 

Better Direct Communication

It’s common sense that people communicate better in person, as opposed to over a phone or through a screen. So much of our conversation is influenced by body language and tiny facial expressions, and we don’t even tend to realise! Being able to assess someone’s reactions and expressions in person is a huge advantage when it comes to communication, whether you’re selling an idea or hashing out the fine details of a contract. Additionally, it’s a boon to have someone to hand if you have a moment of inspiration; catching their attention directly works far better than a few texts or emails. 

Less Opportunity For Technical Issues 

It’s safe to say that video and remote conferencing are, if not in their infancy, certainly in their awkward adolescent years. Rare and cherished is the call that doesn’t have signal issues, chronic echo feedback or participants vanishing into the digital ether. If everyone’s sitting in the same room, there’s that much less chance for any awkward technical snags. This means that the meeting should run on time, and there’s that much less frustration for everyone involved!

Smoother Transition Between Topics

Digital meetings tend to have a rigid plan for which topics should be covered. This seems like common sense, but the best in-person meetings tend to give rise to organic diversions and segues that produce better results. The best way to have proper control of a conversation is to be close to whoever you’re talking to, and pay attention to their topic choices. It’s just so much harder to do in a virtual meeting space. 

Easier Note-Taking and Record-Keeping

While this might sound counterintuitive, simply recording an online meeting isn’t the best way to go. How likely is anyone to listen to a multi-hour recording of the meeting itself? Not very. On the other hand, taking quick notes at the conference table is much more likely to create a lasting impression. 

More Satisfying ResultsIn general, accomplishing a goal or securing a deal is just that much more satisfying when it’s done in person. While remote working day-to-day is fast becoming the norm, nothing compares to meeting up in a physical location and hashing things out. It’s simpler, more productive and likely to produce the best results you could ever ask for. Whether you’re using meeting rooms in London or a high-end restaurant to host your business meetings, it’s never been more important to meet in person.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team