5 Benefits of Having an Intranet For Your Business

Do you want to improve communication in your business and support your workforce? This might have led you to investigate what an intranet is and what it can offer your business. Indeed, you are on the right track and this type of system can solve your problems.

With the intranet, you are able to distribute communications to every member of your staff. It is a private network that your team can enjoy having. Let’s take a further look at five benefits your business can enjoy when it has an intranet.

Easily Share Information

How do you currently share information within your organization? Often, this can be done through email. But you should know that this is not the most efficient and effective way to share information with employees. Emails provide a distraction and it is not uncommon for messages to be missed.

Instead, it is a lot easier to share information on an intranet. This is a place that all employees in the organization can have access to. Plus, it allows better communication on any documents that are shared. Everyone will know where to find them, as well as contribute in some way. Check out Clear People communication products to see what you can do to improve information sharing at your business.

More Support for Onboarding

When you have new employees joining your organization, you have to ensure that you have a good onboarding process. This is going to allow that new team member to become integrated and understand their job roles. In particular, you want to make sure they have the tools and information they need to learn about the company and how to complete tasks successfully.

The good thing about the intranet is that it will help the onboarding process. This is where your new employee is going to head for information and to get used to working at your organization. It can be a hub of information and when you have an intuitive design, it can really help to integrate a new team member quickly.

Improves Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is something that is very important for every business and no matter what industry you are in. You have to constantly think of ways that you can improve employee engagement since it is linked to retention and turnover rates. Indeed, if a staff member does not feel supported and happy with where they work, they will look to move on. This means that businesses have to spend money on the hiring and onboarding process. Instead, it is very to invest in employee engagement.

One way you can do this is by investing in a modern intranet system. This is going to act as a central hub where employees can access information, find the documentation they need and stay updated on the company. They will feel like they are part of something, as well as have the support they need to do their job every day. This is going to make a big difference in job satisfaction and engagement.

Allows for Better Communication

If you have a large organization, you need to make sure everyone is able to communicate with each other. In particular, you want every employee to connect and this provides support for everyday tasks, as well as collaboration on projects. Unfortunately, this is not something that is easy to do through email. Messages can be lost, as well as misunderstandings happening between employees. There can also be delays in receiving a message, which can cause projects to run behind.

Instead, many businesses find it better to have an intranet. This can allow for better communication, as many modern systems allow for instant messaging. It can keep employees on the same page and allow messages to be received in real-time and in an easy way to view. As a result, employees can find it easier to communicate when they need to.

Connect Locations Together

Does your company have different locations? Do they have to work together in order to complete projects successfully? It can be difficult for teams in different locations to come together and collaborate. Of course, there is the distance between them, as well as other complications like different time zones. But there are things you can do to create a better connection.

For example, having an intranet is a good way to connect locations. It means that no matter where employees are based, they are going to have access to the same information. This can help with efficiency and collaboration.