5 Benefits of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Ducts

Do you know that an average home creates about 40 pounds of dust each year? The fine layer of dust on your appliance or tabletops is just a small fraction of it. Most of this dust is taken up by the air duct system of your home, thanks to the HVAC system. These air ducts are vital for keeping the indoor air clean and comfortable for you.

One can easily imagine the risks of dirty air ducts if you think about their pivotal role. All of your air homes circulate through the ducts many times a day and you breathe into the same air. Anyone would like this air to be as clean as possible. You can use power cleaning to properly clean the air ducts. 

The best approach is to keep air duct cleaning in your home maintenance schedule. On average, one should clean them at least once a year. Most homeowners prefer hiring professionals for air duct cleaning as they have got the best tools for the job. Reaching out to the nooks and crooks is easier for them as they are equipped with efficient cleaning equipment.

 If you are wondering whether cleaning ducts is worth your investment, here are the top 5 benefits.

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Every time your air conditioner or furnace runs dust, dirt and animal dander gets pulled in the ducts. As these pollutants accumulate over time, they can make perfect breeding grounds for germs. In most cases, moist debris results in mold growth.

The disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores increase in number. As the debris builds up, it can pollute the air flowing through the ducts. There comes a time when the air pulled in the AC is much cleaner as compared to the air blown in the room.

Begin with HVAC filter replacement to follow with duct cleaning. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule ensures that you are breathing in improved air quality (IAQ).

2. Removes Unpleasant Odors

As one can imagine the debris build-up can start producing unpleasant odors. The smell is produced by the microorganisms residing in the debris. A lot of homeowners get to know about the dirty air ducts after they experience persistent unpleasant odors in their home. The smell gets stronger as soon as the air conditioner runs.

In certain cases, animal dander and smoke from the home gather in the duct. You will notice funky smells in every part of your home. Duct cleaning helps removes these odors as the debris is literally scraped off the walls of ducts.

3. Increases Energy Efficiency

Your HVAC system is one of the major energy-consuming appliances. A smart homeowner makes sure that the system is working at its best efficiency. It not only lowers the utility bills but reduces your carbon footprint. It is high time to understand the concept of energy efficiency.

 You may never have realized but the air duct system in your home can affect the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. If you keep the air ducts clean, the heating and cooling systems of your home can work at their best efficiencies.

Dirty ducts hinder the airflow thus the system needs to overdrive for maintaining consistent and comfortable temperatures. Moreover, regular maintenance prevents you from hiring Residential Heating Repair services.

4. Extended Life Span Of HVAC System

The extended life span of your HVAC systems is another bonus. Cleaner ducts make cooling and heating easier for the HVAC system. The less strain on the system ensures that it runs for long years. It is no secret that dust fastens the decomposition process.

Make sure the air ducts in your home are cleaned every year. Make this a ritual for your spring cleaning project. After all, this is about your health and safety.

5. Reduces Allergens And Irritants In Air

If any of the residents in your home have respiratory tract disorders,  the dirty ductwork may be working against them. The allergens and irritants entering the indoor air can seriously affect people suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues.

HVAC filter replacement should at the top of your maintenance schedule as a dirty filter can worsen the issue. You can always hire a team of skilled air duct cleaning professionals for quality services. For more details, check out homeremodelingandrepair.blogspot.com