5 Benefits of AI-powered App Testing

Software companies are constantly striving to speed up their app release cycles. However, one area of app development that often bogs them down is testing. That’s where the power of artificial intelligence (AI) comes in handy. AI powered testing can help check your apps existing functionalities and user flow in real time. With AI testing tools, you can also identify any bugs or issues in your app. Here are some of the key benefits of using AI-powered app testing.

1. Improves accuracy

Even experienced software testers make mistakes. For instance, your testing team could make a error when running a repetitive manual test. Thankfully, AI offers a solution to that. AI-driven testing tools can perform any repetitive app testing tasks consistently and error-free.

2. Saves time

While AI takes care of your repetitive testing tasks, your testers get more time to create innovative automation solutions for different testing scenarios. For instance, your testing team can use that extra time to conduct more exploratory tests on your mobile apps that AI alone cannot accomplish. That way, your QA teams can use a combination of human and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of testing. Eventually, this will enable you to release quality apps faster than ever.

3. Improves flexibility

In traditional app testing, testers would often use a single selector or path to interact with UIs. That’s why test failures are so common in traditional app testing. Even making small changes to the application being tested could result in test failures in automation tools.

In comparison, AI gives you more flexibility in the process of testing. AI powered testing tools are more intuitive in terms of how they understand the relationships between many different parts of the documentation. AI testing tools are designed to adapt to most changes automatically and in real time.

4. Helps perform visual testing

The purpose of visual testing is to make sure the UI looks right to the end-user. This involves checking each UI element’s shape, size, color, and position. Your testing team should also make sure none of the UI elements are overlapping any other components in your app. Automating your visual tests could be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Thankfully, you can utilize the power of AI to streamline your visual testing on the UI. With AI powered testing, you can easily recognize patterns and spot any visual differences that human eyes cannot easily spot. AI-driven visual testing tools also help detect any visual bugs in your mobile applications automatically. More advanced tools can identify dynamic UI elements of any size and shape through pixel comparisons. 

5. Empowers codeless test automation

Thanks to AI, now you can create automated tests without having to write a single line of code. Advanced AI testing tools come with simple drag and drop features that enable you to create an automated test without having to write code. Once you have created the test for the first time, you can run it several times from anywhere.