5 Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Businesses of all scales have a wide range of options for server hosting in India. The cheapest among them is shared hosting where one server’s resources are shared by several different websites. However, those looking for more power and control opt for dedicated server hosting. With this hosting, they get exclusive access to a server’s resources that can be customized to suit their business needs. Additionally, the service provider builds and maintains the server so that the clients have no upfront cost of purchasing their own.

Here are five big reasons to choose dedicated server hosting:

1Exclusive Use of Dedicated Resources

With dedicated hosting, you get control over the full resources of a single server. There won’t be any other websites clogging up your server’s CPU and RAM or the spikes in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down. You can rest assured that your customers are getting the best website experience.

2 ImprovedPerformance and Security

A major benefit of dedicated hosting is that you get maximum uptime for your website even with heavy traffic. Dedicated servers offer more stability and reliability than shared hosting which is much more suited for low to medium traffic. With dedicated hosting, you are not sharing the server space which minimizes the risks of a malicious website or a potential spammer. It also provides enhanced security and you can safely handle sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

3More Flexibility

A dedicated server allows clients the flexibility of customizing the server according to their unique needs for CPU, RAM, disk space, and software. They can create a server environment that best fits their business needs while controlling every aspect of the server configuration.

4 Get A Unique IP Address

Every server has a unique IP address. So, when you are using shared hosting, you are also sharing an IP address with several other websites. If another website on the server is a spam site, it can push down your websites’ rank. But, with dedicated hosting, you get access to a dedicated server with your own unique IP address. It is particularly important if you have a big e-commerce website that needs SSL for credit card processing. It ensures smooth and secure transactions while maintaining the optimal experience for your customers.

5 No Additional Cost of Purchasing or Maintaining Equipment

You will find many service providers handling the cost of building and maintaining server equipment while offering a dedicated server in India. It offers a low-cost way to access the resources of a full serverif you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself. It allows you to reduce the overhead for server space and improve the return on your investment.

These advantages may seem a bit expensive in the beginning. The dedicated hosting plans in India are not cheap but they are extremely beneficial in the long run. If you are expecting a lot of traffic and need maximum customization and security of your websites, then you will find that dedicated hosting is the best solution for you.