5 Bathroom Design Secrets to Stay More Organized

There’s a good chance that your bathroom is the smallest room in your house or apartment. And that can be a good thing. After all, the smaller a room is, the easier it is to keep clean.

 Yet, lots of people overlook their bathroom design, especially renters who don’t have the option to install new tile, sinks, and fixtures. But that’s no excuse for having a lackluster bathroom!

 Even a small bathroom in a tiny rental property can be stylish — you just have to know how to make it so.

 Ready to turn your bathroom into the chic and functional space you’ve always wanted it to be? Here are five bathroom design secrets that will help you stay more organized:


1. Shower Caddy


Some of us take a quick five-minute shower every morning before we head to work. Some of us relax at the end of the day with an hour-long bubble bath and a glass of wine.

 We all have our own daily habits and rituals, but one thing holds true in every situation:

An organized bathtub or shower is always more pleasant than a messy one.

 Whether you have a single-stall shower or a huge tub, a shower caddy is the perfect way to organize all of your bathtime essentials.

 To add style and function to your bath, start by clearing everything from the edges of your shower stall and the corners of your tub. Hang a caddy over your shower nozzle to hold all of your soaps, face cleansers, and shaving essentials.

 Many shower caddies have hooks or pegs at the bottom, which are ideal for holding bath sponges and loofahs.

 If you share a bath with several people, opt for an adjustable shelving unit that you can prop up in the corner. With a tiered shelving system, everyone in the household can have their own shelf!


2. Storage Baskets


Storage baskets can be useful in every room, but they’re especially helpful in the bath. You can use them to hold everything from soaps to cleaning products to extra toilet tissue.

From small toilet-top baskets to large ones that sit on the floor, they’re perfect for holding all sorts of day-to-day items.

 Place a small storage bin on the back of your toilet to hold two or three rolls of spare tissue. Keep a large basket at the foot of the tub to hold fresh bath towels. Stash a small basket beneath your sink to double as a trash receptacle.

 Storage baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you conceal them in drawers or use them as decorative accents, they’re a great way to hold all types of bathroom essentials.


3. Add Shelves


When space is limited, an over-the-toilet shelf is a great way to maximize storage space. You can use over-the-toilet shelves to hold everything from fresh towels to tissue boxes to candles and decorative accents.

 If you have some extra space in the room, consider adding a freestanding cabinet. Look for one with drawers and doors so you can keep your bathroom supplies out of sight.

 Willing to drill a few holes into the wall? One or two floating shelves can add serious style and provide added storage for all sorts of essentials and decorative items.

Don’t have a drill handy? A rolling cart that you can move around works just as well!


4. Mount a Few Hooks


A few simple hooks on your wall or door can open up a whole new world of storage space.

  Add one or two hooks to the back of your door to hang towels or bathrobes.

 Don’t want to damage the door by mounting nails and hooks? Add an over-the-door towel rod instead. They slip easily over the top edge of any standard door and can be attached in a matter of seconds.

 If you have extra wall space, add a few individual hooks on the wall or hang one with multiple pegs. The more hooks or pegs you have, the more options you’ll have to hang robes, towels, and clothing to change into after you shower.


5. Add Clear Containers or Canisters


Clear containers and canisters are a great way to store, organize, and display little items in your bathroom.

 Decorative glass canisters are perfect for holding cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup sponges, and dry bath salts. Place them on a shelf, on the back of your toilet tank, or on the edge of your sink to keep small items accessible and add a stylish touch to your room.

 Want to organize the shelves inside your medicine cabinet, linen closet, or underneath your sink? Stackable plastic storage bins are a great way to organize cosmetics, hair products, extra soaps, and cleaning supplies.

Shallow storage bins are also ideal for use in bathroom drawers. With a utensil tray, you can organize toothbrushes, razors, and other personal products.




Ready to add some stylish elements to your bathroom and make it more functional? 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Add a shower caddy to hold shampoos, soaps, and other tub essentials.
  • Place storage baskets around the room.
  • Hang shelves or get a freestanding cabinet to organize bath products.
  • Mount door hooks or wall hooks to hold towels and robes.
  • Store small items in glass canisters on a shelf or plastic bins beneath your sink.

 With these tips in mind, you can give your bathroom a stylish makeover that will make it look and feel more organized!



Janine Palatucci

Janine Palatucci is the Business Manager for 360 Huguenot. She is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history working in multifamily and hotel hospitality.