5 Awesome Reasons To Join a Travel Club

Anyone who has a passion for travel will know that it can become somewhat of an addiction. When you haven’t been anywhere for some time you start to feel restless, until you finally have to lock in a destination and just go there.

There’s something about travelling and exploring new places that’s good for the soul and healthy for the mind. Just having a change of scenery and a break from the usual routine works wonders, not to mention the excitement of being somewhere different.

Travel clubs are a fantastic way to explore new destinations and have new adventures, while at the same time sharing it with a group of like-minded friends. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons you should consider joining a travel club.

#1 – You’ll Explore Destinations You Probably Never Thought Of

As human beings, it’s easy to become creatures of habit and this can affect our travel habits as well. You might be a traveller who often returns to the same locations, or you find yourself subconsciously choosing destinations that are similar in nature.

When you’re a part of a travel club, you’ll be mingling with people who have different ideas and preferences when it comes to destinations, so the chances are high that you’ll end up discovering new worlds that you simply may not have travelled to on your own.

#2 – There Is Safety In Numbers

While travelling to unknown destinations can be a real adrenalin buzz, when you don’t know the place, it can present more dangers; particularly if you travel to a foreign country.

One huge advantage of travel clubs and club trips is you are going with a group of people that all know each other. There is definitely safety in numbers and you’ll be able to enjoy new places with confidence, knowing that the members of the group have got each others’ backs.

#3 – You’ll Make Many New Friends

People tend to make new friends when they travel to different places, just through meeting the locals. When you become a travel club member, you’ll be making loads of new friends in your group as well. Chances are good you’ll get along with others because you all share that passion for travelling.

Some of these friends could even become lifelong friends that you discover you have other things in common with as well. Your social life will flourish and you will never be bored.

#4 – Group Discounts Are Always a Possibility

People power definitely comes into its own when you’re travelling with a group. Your club just might be able to arrange some group discounts on things like accommodation packages, meal discounts, price reductions on entertainment and sightseeing for group bookings and more.

While it can be difficult to negotiate cheaper deals if you’re flying solo or just travelling with one other person, if you’re with a group of 10 or 20 people, then you have negotiating power, as the vendors will want to get your business.

#5 – You Can Share Expenses

Group discounts are one financial advantage of being a part of a travel club, but it’s not the only advantage as far as money and expenses are concerned. As an example, let’s say a smaller group of you is travelling somewhere and you hire a van to get there. Everyone in the group can pitch in for van hire and fuel costs. If you were to do this alone, it obviously would cost you a lot more money.

That’s just one example.

How To Find a Travel Club Near You

Australia has numerous travel clubs, particularly in major metropolitan areas. The easiest way to locate some travel clubs in your area is to go on the internet a do a search for them.

For example, if you live in Sydney and want to travel with a group of like-minded people, go onto your favourite search engine and try the following search terms:

  • Travel club Sydney
  • Sydney travel clubs
  • Travel clubs near me
  • Best travel clubs Sydney
  • And so forth…

The Takeaway

There are a lot of positives to joining a travel club, so if you are passionate about travelling, embark on some new adventures with some new travel club buddies.


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